Financial Tip #2. There is no need to buy expensive gifts. Keep it simple.

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Financial Tip #2. There is no need to buy expensive gifts. Keep it simple.


Many years ago, many of us did not have much finances or no money at all, however, we were able to enjoy and have fun with each other with inexpensive gifts or no gifts at all. Today, some consumers are obsessed with expensive and luxury gifts. As a result, their friends and partners find themselves in debt purchasing these items to satisfy the wants of their other half. Obviously, there are some very rich people that can afford to do this but really and truly the main people that benefit from these purchases are the owners of the retail outlets.

I challenge you going forward to keep the gifts exchange very simple. The most important gift is your life, the lives of the friends and family members. Because this is such an important gift, maintain a healthy life. Do not get in any debt because when you get in debt, you tend to worry especially when you are unable to pay the bills. When you worry, you tend to put stress on your life which will impact your health.

Therefore do not spend any money on these extravagant gifts.

Watches vs mobile phones

The main purpose of a watch is to tell the time. Nowadays almost everyone has a mobile phone and almost every mobile phone has the time on it. Furthermore, your computer at home or work has the time on it. Your car has a time on it. Therefore why would you spend so much money on buying a watch? The money you spend on an expensive watch you can use that to get out of debt.

Brand Names vs Generic names

A brand name implies that it is valuable and so there is a trend to get brand name items which most times can be very costly. The truth of the matter is the brand and the generic name serve the same purpose. In fact if you were to investigate some of these manufacturers, they are getting generic name products and relabeling with their brand. Another truth to brand names is that they are just more popular than generic names. It does not mean they are necessarily better. It just means it more known.

The important thing for you is to purchase something that meets your needs.  If a generic item can meet that need, then get it.

Set a budget

It appears to be a trend that expensive gifts are expected during Christmas and Birthday. The best thing to do is eliminate the high expectation level and agree with your family and friends a budgeted amount for gifts. Accept and agree that expensive gifts will not make your Christmas better. Being around family and friends will make Christmas great.

Keep it simple

Your Christmas can be a memorable one if you keep it simple too. Open a savings account for your child or spouse. Compile a pictorial card of memories. Have a great family get together with meals and use the time to express the importance of having each other in your lives. Now this one is personal to me, surprise and donate one of your organs to someone that is in need. Wrap a picture of that organ in a gift box. If someone really need some clothes, consider purchasing some clothes as a gift.


If you really want to give an expensive gift, consider investing in real estate for investment purpose. Do not become fixated on expensive gifts otherwise you may find that individuals are perhaps only interested in the gifts and not you.

Finally, do not ask anyone what they receive as a gift. Some people tend to lie because they want to impress the other person and by asking individuals what they receive as a gift, it is a form of pressure to make individuals purchase an expensive gift that perhaps they cannot afford.

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