Finding the balance

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Finding the balance

Don’t be too busy at work that you don’t have the time for anything else.


I don’t know about you but one of the issues I struggle with is finding the balance between work and life. Of course, work is part of our lives but for this article when I refer to life, I am talking about your family life and your social life.

From the time I became the Chief Financial Officer of Cable & Wireless in 1999 to my current role as an entrepreneur, it has been a challenge. You find yourself working countless hours a day and most times everyday. By the time you reach home, you are burned out, you are sleepy and have very little or no time at all to enjoy life and with your family.

I know some of us have to work and make a lot of sacrificies to get to where we want to be but we have to find a balance. In this article, I will provide some tips for me and you to find a balancing act between work and life.

Cut off time

I know many people wish that there were more than twenty-four hours in a day and even if there were more than 24 hours in a day, we will still ask for more time. Therefore, we must establish a cut-off time for each day. If you don’t do this, you will find yourself spending all your time at work and no time for your family and fun.

To be effective with this, you should document your tasks that you plan for the day and try to maintain that schedule. Don’t burn yourself in a day for tomorrow will always be there. If you don’t live to see tomorrow, wouldn’t you rather spend today with your family and do some fun things leaving great memories.

Take a vacation.

If you find it hard to establish cut off times, then from time to time, take a vacation or a weekend break. Don’t work while you on vacation. Trust me, it is a breath of fresh air.

Take your lunch break.

Some of us work straight through without taking lunch. First of it is unhealthy and second, you need a break from work. Therefore, find the time to take a lunch break even if it is late in the afternoons and when you take that lunch break, go out with your friends and family.

Try not to work at home.

I know it is very difficult not working at home especially depending on the field you work in. However, if you establish your cut off times, then maybe you can have the discipline and control to not work at home.

Dedicate a night for family night or date night.

Family should be a very important part of your life. In fact, many of you are perhaps working so hard to improve the financial condition of your family. However, if you are spending all of your time on work and no time for family, then it is pointless. I know all of us are busy, so dedicate a night just for your family. That means you should come home early and spend time with your family for at least one night out of the week.

Church time

I know many of us are so busy that we sleep on Sundays, but this is one day we should try go to Church. In fact, that may be the only day we will hear the word of God so make it a priority to go to church with your family.  One of the things that is holding our society together is the fact that some of us come together and worship and pray to God.

Sleep and Rest

We must find some time to get our normal hours of sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can damage your health. Find the time to sleep and rest.

Turn off your digital devices for a few hours.

You can easily become addicted to these digital devices, especially the mobile phone. Each day, try turning off your devices for a few hours, otherwise, you may find yourself spending more time on these devices than you are spending with your family and friends.

Get help.

I know your reputation is at hand and you want to make sure your everything is the way you want it to be but at some point, in your life, you have to give up some of what you do. You can do so by delegating and finding the right people to do some of the things you do.


It is hard to find a balance. However, if you want a healthy life, a great family, and precious memories, then it is important to find that balance.  Everything should not be about work and money. If you find it difficult finding a balance, then bring your family and friends with you at work after working hours.

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