Follow the rules and be in good standing.

Colored ice cream stick with the word COMPLIANCE RULES REGULATIONS GUIDELINES.

Follow the rules and be in good standing.

Break the rules and face the consequences.



Rules are in place to ensure that there is order, fairness, transparency, and consistency. Some of us do not want to follow the rules, we believe we can do what we want and when we want to but that is not how it works. Some of us also believe that we should have different rules for different people. I think it is important not only for us to have rules but for us to follow the rules. If you break the rules, then you will face some negative consequences. Furthermore, when we do not follow the rules, we will end up creating a “Wild Wild West” environment and society. Is this what we want?

Follow the rules of the Bible.

As a Christian, our way of life is based on the rules of the Bible. The Bible has clear instructions on how we should live. If we follow the rules of the Bible, we will be in good standing with our relationship with God. If we break the rules of the Bible, then we will face the horrible consequences and may end up in jail.

Follow the rules in the workplace.

The workplace has rules and processes that employees are expected to follow. Follow the rules and be in good standing with your employer. Of course, there may be some rules that you feel do not make sense. Rather than trying to break the rules, recommend the proposed changes to your employer. Who knows, your employer may just amend the rules especially if the proposed changes make sense. However, if you break the rules, you face the possibility of being suspended or even being fired.

Follow the rules of the game.

There are rules for playing sports and games such as basketball, soccer, football, and dominoes. Rules ensure that there is structure and fairness. If there were no rules, then playing sports and games would create confusion and chaos. If you break the rules in sports, you can face penalties and possibly expulsion from the game.

Follow the rules of the doctor.

Many of us are faced with health issues and the doctor advises you what you should or should not do. Some of us do not follow the doctor’s advice or even take the prescribed medication. As a result, it can worsen your health condition.


You should not just do what you want to do or show up when you want to do. Follow the rules.

Nowadays some Christians will face some challenging times in the workplace because some countries are passing rules that are contrary to the beliefs of Christians. Some Christians refuse to honour the rules that are against their beliefs and as a result some end up loosing their jobs. This is a very challenging scenario, but it exists. You may ask what you should you do; do you follow the rules of the bible or do you follow the rules in the workplace. In my opinion, the Bible takes precedence and if there are rules in the workplace that compromise your religion, then you may want to consider leaving that job or get legal advice to determine if it is fair and right for you to do something that is contrary to the Bible.

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