Free, but still enslaved

human trafficking

Free, but still enslaved

Slavery exists in many different forms and some of us are guilty of it


On August 1st, many places celebrated Emancipation Day to honour the freedom of our ancestors who were enslaved for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, modern slavery still exists.  Some people call their work place a slave plantation. Human trafficking is form of modern slavery.  Mental slavery is another form of modern slavery. The sad thing about modern slavery is that our very own race is guilty of committing such act, yet we are celebrating Emancipation Day. There is nothing wrong with celebrating this day but if we are serious about the freedom of others, let us lead by example by freeing ourselves and others from modern day slavery.

The workplace as a form of slavery

Many workplaces are practicing modern day slavery. Some of us may not agree with this but it is true. We are exploiting our employees. Some employees are being paid below minimum wage and below their worth. We know some of the employees need that job and so we take advantage of them. We worked them very hard and overtime without any additional compensation. We also threaten them about the security of their job especially if they are work permit holders. Some employees need additional help but rather than recruiting additional staff, we make our existing employees do everything. We treat some of our employees so mean and we look down on them especially if they are blue collar workers.

The workplace should be a place where employees are treated fairly and whereby employees are groomed to progress from one position to another position. The workplace should not be a form of slavery. It is time we stop taking advantage of people.

Human Trafficking as a form of slavery

Human trafficking is so prevalent throughout the world. Individuals particularly ladies and young girls are being exploited for sex. Of course, men are also being exploited for sex.

Humans are also being exploited for labour.  Many times, these individuals are promised great opportunities in other countries, but it was just a set up for some people to make money. These innocent individuals pay so much money to leave their country and some cases they used all their savings.

Our mental state as a form of slavery

Even though we may not be in physically chains, our minds our in chains. We still think we are not good enough and our own is not good enough. Many locals have been promoted to key positions in the workplace and you would think they would not practice modern slavery, but they are doing the same thing we accused the “white men or white women” for doing it. They are keeping their own down.

Our minds must be liberated. No one is better than you. Stop thinking little of yourself and of your own race. Look out for each other. Share your knowledge with others.  Give people a chance.


This is 2022 and it is very sad that slavery still exists. Bob Marley said, “emancipate yourself from mental slavery.” Many of us love to sing the song and many of us like to use this quote particularly on 1st August.

Everything starts with your mind. If you can emancipate yourself from mental slavery, the workplace will be a better place.  Furthermore, human trafficking will be alleviated. Let us therefore put an end to modern day slavery by not being apart of the examples mentioned above.

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