Gender inequality is not an issue in TCI. The real gender issues are ……

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Gender inequality is not an issue in TCI. The real gender issues are ……


I know that gender inequality is a topical and sensitive issue. I avoid writing about this for months but with the increased issues floating around in TCI involving gender issues, these issues must be addressed.

While some women may have experienced gender inequality, I believe the real gender issues are wage gaps between some expats and locals, women tearing down other women and some men not assuming their responsibility as fathers and husbands.

Gender Inequality is not an issue

Of all the women I surveyed about gender inequality, they all said they did not experience it. However, I saw some comments on social media last year that some women have experienced discrimination in TCI because of their gender.  However, I think if women are treated differently in this country, it is not because of their gender but rather because of their place of birth, the colour of their skin and their family background.

In TCI, women are very powerful and influential in that they occupy some of top and powerful positions. If this rate continues, soon men will perhaps complain of inequality.

Wage Gap between locals and expats

In some workplaces in TCI, there is a disparity in pay between locals and expats especially the non-black expats. A local can have the same experience and educational background as an expat but yet the salary and benefits are lower than that for an expat. Some argue that they have to pay the expat a higher salary in order to attract them to the TCI as you have to convince them to live on a small island. Ironically, when most expats come here, they do not want to leave.  Because of the wage gap, a lot of animosity takes place between locals and expats. Now there are also cases whereby foreign workers from other countries are being taken advantage of by the low pay, they receive.

There should be policy in place whereby this practice is not allowed. There should be an avenue whereby employees can report this discriminatory practice without being fearful of victimization. Perhaps there is an avenue but I do not know.

Women tearing down other women

Over the past few weeks, the personal attacks on women in politics have gone to another level.  All individuals have a freedom of choice. Women have a choice in how they run, whether as an independent candidate or switching to another party. If they decide to switch to another party, it is their choice. You do not have to attack them and their family.

If you do not like the decisions they make, you have a choice by not voting for them in 2020. If you love the Turks and Caicos Islands and more importantly love the Lord, why would one go to extreme lengths and develop a fictitious name attacking other women. Even if you love your party what you are doing is not love. It is hate and jealousy. There are some women who are encouraging this type of slander and are even encouraging men to tear down other women all in the name of politics.

There is no need for women to be feel threatened by other women or men. Stay in your lane and do what you were call to do. It is ok if someone else gets the credit. It is ok if someone else is more popular. It is ok if someone decides to withdraw their support.  It is ok to have differences of opinion even within the same party. It is ok if some women look better than you. It is ok if some women dress better than you. It is ok if some women are skinner or fatter than you.

Stop tearing each other down. With this type of behavior, you are creating a bad environment for the young girls in our society. They will mimic you and do the same tearing down on others. Is this the type of environment we want?   How would you feel if any of these women were your daughters, sisters, or mothers? Do unto others as you want others do to you.

Respect the decision of people.  Every woman is from God and everything that God creates is good. He did not create any fools so stop calling women names. Embrace them and utilize them. Praise them and encourage them. Stop forwarding derogatory comments and videos about other women and other people. You are also enabling this by forwarding the comments and videos.

I am not a member of any of the political parties but based on my understanding the selection of the deputy leaders is not the same process. In the PDM party, the leader and deputy leader are elected and chosen by the delegates. In the PNP party, the leader is selected by the delegates but deputy leader is chosen by the leader of the party. Hon Akierra Misick is not the deputy leader of the PNP. She served as the Deputy Premier because the deputy leader lost in 2012.

Finally if you are a woman in a position of authority, and another woman applies for a position who you know is qualified for it. Do not reject her because she is a woman. Give her the same opportunity you would give a man.

Men be husbands, fathers and role models for your family and society

The next gender issue involves some of the men in our country. I will briefly touch that as in a future article, I will dedicate an article on this topic.

Some men are not performing their roles as husbands, fathers and role models for their boys. Some women are on their own raising their children as the fathers are not around. Some men are busy having multiple women at one time and having multiple children with so many different women. They are bragging about how many children they have yet they are not present in the lives of their children. Some of them are just sperm donors.

Some of you men have daughters and sisters and I know you would be hurt when your daughters or sisters become mothers and the fathers are not there to support them. Do the right thing now so that your children will reap from what you sow.

Men even if you and the woman are no longer in a relationship, continue to be a father to that child mentally and financially. It is your responsibility to take care of your children. You do not know the future. That same child you rejected may end up being the same child that will take care of you when you can no longer take care of yourself.

Be role models for your children. Some of you need to stop going around getting drunk. Stop gambling all of your money away. Stop frequenting brothels.  This is a dangerous route. Have one woman in your life at one time.

Take your children to church with you so that they will have the foundation of God imparted in their lives. Hopefully when the children get older, they will retain the knowledge and do not depart from the word of God. Volunteer some of your time on a community project.  


Our society is crumbling however, it is not too late to fix it.  Not all men and women alike. Not all expats and locals are alike. There are some great fathers and husbands and women in this country. Likewise, there are some great expats and locals. However, once we resolve the aforementioned issues, the TCI will be a harmonious place to reside.

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