Give thanks and do not take anything or anyone for granted.

Give thanks and do not take anything or anyone for granted.


In November 1986, I celebrated my first thanksgiving day in the USA with Bruce and Fayanne Saunders & Family. It was a wonderful experience to see the gathering of so many family members. In fact, more family members were together at Thanksgiving than they were at Christmas.

While I think it is awesome that a day is set aside to celebrate Thanksgiving, I encourage all of us to give thanks on a daily basis even if it is not as elaborate as Thanksgiving Day in November.

Some may asked what is there to be thankful about.

Give thanks to God

Give thanks to God. Be thankful that God is not like man. You can go God anytime and anywhere. He will not get tired of you. He will not forsake you. He will always provide for you even if it is at the eleventh hour. He will save you. He will protect you. He will direct you.

Give thanks for another opportunity

Some people die without having the opportunity to give their lives to the Lord. Be thankful that it is not too late for you and that you have an opportunity today to allow him to come into your life so whenever you die, you will get to the see the Lord and live forever.

Some people die without knowing their purpose. You have opportunity to not only know your purpose, but to pursue your purpose.

Some people did with bitterness, unforgiveness and hatred in their heart. You are still alive and have time to love and forgive others. Give thanks.

Each day you get up, is another day of opportunity. You cannot go back and change the past, but be thankful that you have an opportunity to learn from the past thereby fostering a better tomorrow.

Give thanks for the good times and the bad times

Sometimes some of us only give thanks for the good times and the good things we have in life.  Give thanks for the trials and tribulations as well. In fact, we should expect them but we complain about them. You see those things that appear bad to you may just be your time of testing and great opportunities. We all will go through tests and when you pass them, you are able to get to the next level.

Give thanks for the time with your family

Give thanks for your family. Life is a mist. You are here today and gone tomorrow. Do not take this precious time with your family for granted so each day you get up, give thanks for another day with your family.

I know some of you reading this are perhaps sad because you have lost family members. For those of you have lost family members, still give thanks especially if you know your family members were Christians. The good news is that they are no longer suffering and they do not have to be in this world that is full of so much chaos. They are in a better place so focus on their memories and give thanks to God for the time he allowed you to spend with your family.


In all things, give thanks. Do not take anything or anyone for granted. Thank God that you have your five senses intact. Thank God you have something to eat even if it is little. Thank God you are able to pay something on your bills even if you cannot pay all. Be thankful. I believe your best is yet to come. Therefore thank him for the small things so when you get the big things you will not stop thanking him.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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