Go the extra mile!

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Go the extra mile!

“And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him two” – Matthew 5:41


In Matthew 5:41, while Jesus was on the Mount, he encouraged the Jewish man under the control of the Roman soldiers to go not only that one mile but to go an extra mile. I know that this may seem harsh especially if you are being forced to do so but going the extra mile leads to many benefits. You may experience hardship, tiresome and loneliness but please go the extra mile. However, after a while if you remain consistent in going the extra mile, you will not experience pain but joy and happiness because you have done more than what was expected.

Too many of us are just completing the minimum requirements. We do not see the need to go the extra mile especially if you are not being compensated for it immediately. However, the compensation will come in the long term.

Go the extra mile to serve others

Most aspects of our jobs require us to serve others. Whenever you are serving others, go the extra mile. People will always remember the service you provide to them and you will rewarded. There is a story of someone who was looking for a job but she had a difficult time in securing a job, however, when the interviewer found out who she was, he offered her a job because her father was a great man and the interviewer never forget how great her father was to him. The interviewee of course did not know because she thought her father did not leave anything behind for her. Her father left a priceless legacy of going the extra mile to serve other and in return his daughter reaped the benefits.

Go the extra mile in giving

Many of us may have more than what we need but yet we do not help others who are in need. I challenge all of us to go an extra mile in giving to others if you are in a position to do so.

If you are not in a position to give monetary things, go the extra mile by being giving your best performance on the job. If you have information that can help others, go the extra mile by giving that information. Do not keep it to yourself knowing well you may not use it or don’t need it. If you are aware of people who are discourage, go the extra mile in encouraging them.  There is a book I am reading called the “The Go-Giver” and one of the fundamental ingredients for success was the principle of giving.

Go the extra mile in loving and forgiving others

I know many of us have been betrayed and hurt by others and you feel like taking revenge. Do not be revengeful. Go the extra mile in loving and forgiving the people that hurt you.

Keep pushing – Go the extra mile

Some of you want to stay in shape and it requires you to exercise and walk. After the first mile, you may get tired and don’t want to continue. You have a goal to achieve, keeping pushing and walk an extra mile.

Some of you are in school and you feel like giving up. In fact you do not see the purpose and value in going to school. Go the extra mile and complete your studies. The knowledge you obtained cannot be taken from you. 

Some of you are praying but in some situations we need to pray and fast. Go the extra mile in fasting and watch the move of God.


Let going the extra mile become a part of who you are. You do not need to tell anyone you are going the extra mile. It will be noticeable. People are watching you and you do not even know. When you see someone gets a genuine promotion, sometimes it is because that person went the extra mile. You see some businesses are getting a lot of customers. Sometimes it because those businesses are going the extra mile in providing services to their clients. Therefore as of today go the extra mile not because you are looking for something in return but because it is the right thing to do.

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