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If you cannot do it yourself, then seek help from others


I am not privy to any police information but as an observer, it looks like since the Bahamian police came to the Turks and Caicos, there has been a dramatic decrease in the crime. For the month of September and the beginning of October, there was a shooting and murder almost every weekend but thank God for the last two weekends, there were no reports of any shooting and murders.

Some say it is because the criminals already escape the country. As I say, I don’t have any inside information but is it coincidence that since the Bahamian police came, there were no shootings. With that said, let me thank the Hon. Premier for reaching out to the Bahamas for help.  There were many who did not think it would not make a difference, but they are certainly making difference.

Invasion in Dock Yard

In the past, there were rumours that the police were afraid to go to Dock Yard. Whether there was any truth to these rumours, I don’t know but since the Bahamian police came, 58 officers invaded Dock Yard. Obviously based on intelligence from the local team, they were able to arrest seven individuals. However, the point I am trying to make is these guys came to work and they were not afraid to go in places where the alleged criminals are.

Fear among the criminals

It appeared to many that the criminals did not have any fear for the police officers. However, since the Bahamians came, it looks like they have created some level of fear among the criminals. While the police may not be able to stop criminals from being criminals but if they can create fear among the criminals, I believe some of the criminals will think twice before they commit a crime. Someone was telling me that the Bahamian police were in a particular area where some people used to block the road with their vehicles but as soon as the police showed up and demanded they removed their vehicles, the individuals were fearful of the police and quickly moved their vehicles.

Captured someone who was wanted in the Bahamas.

According to a report I read in the Bahamas news, the Bahamian police identified and captured someone in the Turks and Caicos Islands who was wanted in the Bahamas. Perhaps if the Bahamian police did not come to TCI, that individual may have never been caught.

Some residents feel more comfortable

In speaking with several residents, they feel more comfortable now since the Bahamian police came to the Turks and Caicos Islands. One of the primary reasons is because there were no shootings and murders recently. However, we cannot let our guards down because I believe that there are still criminals among us, but they are in hiding and not coming out because they realize that the police mean business and is getting very aggressive in finding them.

Collaboration matters

I think one of the greatest lessons we can learn from having the Bahamian police here is that collaboration matters. Many times, we try to do things by ourselves, and it does not work, or it takes a long time. However, if we can get help from others especially from individuals that can bring a lot to the table, it will make a significant impact in achieving the desired goals.


I do not know how long the Bahamian police are here for but whenever they leave, we should not even let the criminals know that because somehow, since they are here, a difference is being made. Maybe we should consider having them here for a longer period or put in place multiple short-term arrangements with the Government of the Bahamas.

I cannot end this article without giving Glory to God. Many of us prayed and asked God for help and a reduction in crime. Therefore, I believe having the Bahamian police here is one of the answers to our prayers.

Thank you, Bahamas, for agreeing with our government to send these brave men to the Turks and Caicos. While there are many crimes being committed particularly in Nassau, Bahamas, I always admire the fact that Bahamas Police catch many of the criminals there.

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