Happy Civil Service Week

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Happy Civil Service Week

There are some hardworking civil servants, but improvement is still needed for some.



This week, we are celebrating civil service week in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The 2,500 Civil servants (including the 300 in the Police) play a very critical role in the day-to-day operations of the Public Sector which in turn impacts the operations of the Private Sector.

I know many of us (including myself) speak so badly about civil servants and we lump all of them into one negative category. The truth is, there are some hardworking civil servants and there are some that really need to improve.

Recognition of some civil servants.

I do not interact with all the civil servants but there are some that I have interacted with that have left a lasting impression on me. They are responsive to my emails. I find the Deputy Governor to be very response to my communications. Thank you, Deputy Governor and your team. In the ministry of Finance, the PS and the DPS are very responsive and even when I did not follow up on a correspondence, they would follow up. Thank you. In the office of the Premier, the PS and the Executive Administrator, thank you for being so responsive to my correspondence. In the ministry of Planning, thank you for your assistance. Even if the documents are not ready, I can wait there, and you can have them done for me. If they are not ready you will either call me or tell me to come at a certain time to collect. In the Fire Inspection Department, thanks to Mr. Penn and his team for getting fire safety certificates ready for us in a timely manner.  Thanks to the Environmental Health Department. Just like the planning department, if the documents are not ready, they will get them ready for me rather than having to go back. Thanks to the Treasury Department, TCI Revenue and Business Licence department. A special recognition to Ms Ann Williams. When I make a payment after hours, sometimes 7pm, I would get a receipt from Ms. Williams. In the ministry of Immigration, thank you Mr. Emilio Seymour for your assistance on several issues for me. Another department who is making some progress is the Regulations Department in the Ministry of Tourism. Despite having to wait for a long time to get an inspection date, once you get it, I find them to be very helpful. Finally, there is a young (I think her name is Thamala Parker) from the Registrar office who was so helpful to me. I was waiting for some documents, and I wasn’t making any progress, but someone gave me her number and she was able to assist me. Thank you, civil servants. I am quite sure there are other civil servants who are also worthy of recognition but as I said I don’t interact with all of them.

Some areas of improvement that are needed

I cannot recognize the good without also talking about the weaknesses. A big improvement is needed in customer service.

We should not have preferential treatment for anyone. You should not have to call someone or know someone to expedite your application. There should be a standard number of days you are expected to get documents and no matter who the individual is, that individual should be able to get that document on the expected day.

Sometimes, you are in line and others come after you, but they end up getting served before you. In addition, no one should be eating their lunch or talking on the phone or talking to someone else while serving you. All documents presented need to be scanned so that the documents are not misplaced. The lines seem to go faster on half day holiday than a regular day.

Please answer the phones or acknowledge the emails. I was following up on a document and I was given the customer service number to call. I called the number but no answered the phone. Others complained about emailing individuals but no response.


Civil servants, thank you for your contribution to our society.  As I said, not all of you are alike. There are some of you who really care and are working so hard and there are some that do not care and are just dragging along. Hopefully, the pension and salary increases will be a motivation to encourage those who are not doing their part to buckle up. However, it should not be about the compensation, alone it should be about loving what you do. I encourage you to put yourself in the position of others.

Happy Civil Service Week.

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