Have a backup plan.

in the hands of plan A and plan B.

Have a backup plan.

The thing you rely on may stop working.


I encourage each of you to have a backup plan. We take too many things for granted and think that everyone will work fine. We do not expect anything to go wrong.

Early this month, I was in Miam Florida. My roaming feature on my phone did not work so I purchased a GPS feature from the car rental place. Late that night, the GPS battery died and the charger that was provided to me did not charge the GPS and so I was lost driving in Miami. I did not know what to do. I stopped at Walmart to get free Wi-Fi and get the directions to where I wanted to go. I saved the directions, and I was able to get to my destination.

There was another occasion in which I left my laptop on the floor.  I went next door to one of my units and when I returned the water heater busted. My laptop was full of water, and I could not retrieve my information. I ended up getting server and still backup just in case something goes wrong.

What is your backup plan? Do you have one?

Have a backup plan.

Some make argue that having a backup plan defeats your purpose of trying to achieve something because if you know you have a backup plan, then you may lose your focus and give up easily on the first plan knowing that you have a backup plan.

While there is some merit to the above point, having a backup plan can save you time and money. If your plan fails, you may have to start from scratch, and this may involve spending more money. However, if you have a backup plan, and if your plan fails, you can resort to your backup plan.

The point I am trying to make is always have a backup plan. The things or people you rely on day to day may fail you. What are you going to do when that happens?  What if you lose your job? Do you have a backup plan? What if you lose all your information? Have you back it up. What if your plans do not work out? What will you?

The same way you are encouraged to document your goals, you should also document your backup plan. Of course, no one should be living their lives thinking about whether their plans will fail or not but at the same time, we must know sometimes things do not go as planned and so it is best to have a backup plan.


I hope you understand and appreciate the need for a backup plan. Now there are things that you I don’t encourage a backup plan for and that is your marriage. I think when you get married, it is a commitment, and you enter it with the intention of a lifetime. Don’t go to marriage with a backup plan.

I gave two examples in the introduction. I wish I had borrowed my wife’s usa phone chip, but I relied on the GPS thinking it would work all the time. It never occurred to me that the charged would die and not be able to recharge. In the example of the laptop, I wish I had backup regularly, but I did not and I lost all of my information.

Having a backup plan will help you in a significant way so I encourage you to have one.

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