He who feels it, knows it

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He who feels it, knows it

Don’t ever say you were never do that


Sometimes we hear and observe some of the decisions that some people make and we cannot comprehend why they do what they do. Most times, you must go through a similar situation to understand and appreciate what people are going through.  There are people who continue to grieve over their loved ones who passed away and perhaps they died many years ago. The initial response from some of us is that these individuals need to let go. This is easier said than done. We don’t know what these individuals are experiencing.  That loved one could have been that individual’s only child. I too did not have empathy for persons that went through grief until I lost someone who was very close to me. Therefore, I agree with the saying “He who feels it, knows it more.”

He who feels it knows it

There are some of you who have an issue with people who got divorce and some of us would say we would never get a divorce. We don’t know what some people went through in their marriage. They may have encounter abuse and betrayal. On the other hand, there are some people that continue to stay in their marriage despite the cheating and abuse. There are also some situations whereby individuals remarried shortly after the loss of their spouse and some of us began to question that.   Again, he who feels it knows it.

There are some people who give up easily and many of us questioned why they gave up. We do not know what people are going through. We do not know the stress that some people have in their lives. We do not know their level of faith. We do not what is going on in their minds.  Trust me it is so easy to give up especially when the future looks so dim. There are many times I felt like giving up but because of my love for my family and my faith in God, I persevere.  However, not everybody can do that. Even people that believe in God, sometimes give up.

I know many of you had a problem with the way your parents chastised you and you probably say you will never chastise your children in that same manner. However, some of us are repeating the same patterns as our parents. Until you became a parent, you realize what your parents had to go through.

Some of you also criticized your leaders and say you will never do what they do. Being a leader is not easy and from the outside it looks easy. You do not know half the story that leaders go through. The hands of some leaders are truly tied. You do not know the parameters that some leaders must work with. Furthermore, while you are sleeping, your leaders are “burning the midnight oil.” When I was the CEO for Cable & Wireless, I had many sleepless nights trying to develop plans to help our employees and customers. Some of us also believe that if we were to go into politics, we would do things differently but when we get there, we are doing the same thing as your predecessors. We don’t understand and appreciate how government works until you get into government.


I am on dialysis and there is a particular patient who experience cramps frequently. While she is cramping, she used to scream so loudly and I used to say myself, why this lady cannot be quiet as it cannot be that awful. Well, one day, I experienced a cramp while I was on dialysis. It was a nightmare for me. I finally understood what the lady was experiencing. He who feels it, knows it more. Therefore, don’t ever say you would never do that. Of course, there are certain standards I have in my life that I will continue to uphold and will do my best not to compromise them. For example, I don’t think I will ever get drunk or smoke, but I am not going to judge those individuals who drink and smoke as I don’t know what drove these individuals to take that route.

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