Hold your head up.

The young man stands with his head up on a white background

Hold your head up.

This too shall pass.


As we face the remaining days of 2023 and enter the new year of 2024, despite what you are going through, hold your head up. Some of the things you are facing may be embarrassing and challenging but the good news is that these things will not last forever even though sometimes it may feel that way. Therefore, hold your head up and look forward to the end of your circumstances as you tell yourself this too shall pass.

Your secret or past may come out but hold your head up.

Many people have a secret or past that they don’t want others to know. When it comes out, you feel so ashamed, and you feel like your world is falling apart. You want to stay in your small corner, and you don’t want to come out and face anyone. Listen here, if you are not doing those things anymore, hold your head up. Today maybe about you but tomorrow maybe about someone else.

You may be going through a separation or divorce but hold your head up.

Some of you are going through a separation or divorce and you feel like you have failed in maintaining your relationship or marriage. Your partner or spouse may try to humiliate you and paint a negative picture about you. The person that you loved and shared so much with for so many years has now become a stranger to a point where you cannot be in same room with that person.

Despite the reasons for your separation, don’t hold your head down. Hold your head up. The thing is some of you should not have been in that relationship or marriage. Not all marriages were put together by God. The person for you may still be out there for you.

You may lose your job but hold your head up.

You may receive the news that you were terminated, or your position was made redundant. You thought your position was secure and so you didn’t foresee the loss of that job. You don’t have any savings and even if you had savings, you are faced with a lot of uncertainty and possibly financial crises, especially if you remain unemployed for many months.

Hold your head up, the loss of a job may be an opportunity for a better job or even the time to become an entrepreneur.

You may be diagnosed with a chronic disease but hold your head up.

Many people were diagnosed with chronic disease this year. Some people take the news differently from others. I remember seven years ago when the doctor diagnosed me with chronic kidney failure and told me I had to start dialysis, somehow, I was embarrassed. I didn’t want anyone to see me going to the dialysis center. Furthermore, I used to have the nurses pulled my curtain straight across so no one can see me.

Don’t let any disease define you or keep you down. Hold your head up and do a lot of research on the disease. Have faith that you will overcome this illness.

Your family may be in trouble but hold your head up anyway.

Your family may be experiencing some trouble times right now. Your children and grandchildren may have let you down. It seems everybody is talking so badly about you and your family. Hold your head up and pray. This too shall pass.


I know it is very hard to hold your head and move when you are going through some of the scenarios described above. You feel like your situation will last forever and will not go away. No circumstances last forever. Therefore, hold your head up.

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