Hold your tongue and control your ears and hands.

Confidential information and privacy

Hold your tongue and control your ears and hands.

You see and hear some things, but practice confidentiality unless it is illegal.


Sometimes, we come across information either by seeing it or hearing it. However, some of us cannot keep that information to ourselves, we quickly spread it to other individuals. Sometimes the information is true and sometimes it is inaccurate, whether it is true or not, we must learn to be confidential. Of course, this does not apply to situations that are illegal such as knowing information about criminal activities or other wrongful situations such as sexual abuse and rape. I believe you should not remain confidential when it comes to these situations, and you should report the illegal and wrongful acts.

I am talking about company information and people’s other personal information that you may see or hear. Proverbs 17:9 states that “Whoever would foster love covers over an offense,
    but whoever repeats the matter separates close friends.

Hold your tongue.

Too many times people share information with you in confidence but rather than keeping that information to yourself, you share it with others. A common thing many of like to say is, “I am going to tell you something but don’t repeat it.” Soon everybody will hear the information because Jane will tell John, then John tells Mary, and it goes on and on. I remembered there was a voice note that a friend shared with another friend. Soon that voice note became viral because the other “friend” shared it with somebody. The sad thing is that everybody recognized that person’s voice. That person never expected their friend to forward that voice note to someone else.

Even in some organization, some employees are not confidential.  They come across information that does not involve them and they spread it like wildfire. It is unprofessional and unethical to spread company information.

The thing is people have a way of finding out who spread the information.   The spreading of information can lead to the breakup of friendship and family, and it also says a lot about your integrity and trustworthiness.  

Because of lack of confidentiality, information gets in the public domain and individuals and companies must rush and try to do damage control.

Control your ears.

Sometimes, you need to walk away from situations. Don’t entertain any gossip or news because you will be tempted to spread it to others. If you know someone that likes to talk about other people, stay away from them because you may end up getting involved in the situation.

Control your hands.

With social media, particularly the whatsapp and emails, it is so easy to forward information to others. If you get a message involving confidential information, please don’t forward. I know of an incident whereby someone accidentally forwarded the information to the person they were talking about. It was very embarrassing.


I know it is very hard to remain confidential but how would you feel if someone did it to you. You would be hurt and feel betrayed. If you don’t want anyone to reveal your information, then you should learn to hold your tongue, control your ears and your hands with other people’s information that you come across.

Due to the lack of trust and lack of confidentiality, companies and individuals withhold information from others.

Why do you think some people don’t tell you anything? Why do you think some people do not want to hire you. It is because you cannot be trusted.

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