How can we live together in harmony – Part 3


How can we live together in harmony – Part 3

There are over 91 nationalities in TCI

Can we assimilate and make TCI the best place?  – Part 3

If there is one thing in life I do not fathom, it is racism. There are some folks in TCI who claimed that they are not racists but their actions speak louder than words. If you are not racist, then treat everyone the same by giving individuals the same opportunity and pay as everyone else.Our govt. needs to implement an equal pay opportunity legislation that my friend Floyd Seymour has been advocating for years.There is simply no difference between us as all human beings have the same characteristics. I know that some of us simply cannot control the way we behave because of our ignorance which was based on stereotypes of races. The best way to address this situation is that we just have to get to know one another on a personal level and I am confident that some of us will act differently. So how does one get to know one another. Come to church and fellowship with each other. Invite some of your co workers to lunch and get to know them. Do a birthday club etc. Encourage your children to mingle with other children of different nationalities and from what I observed, the children are getting along really well. Get involve (locals and expats) in community projects and have a diverse group of people on the projects. Let me pause to thank those individuals who are involved already in a number of community projects already such as Swimming Association, Basketball Association, Football association. Of course, there is a lot more that needs to be done and we can do these projects together as a community. For example, crime is a big issue for us so let us form a Crime Prevention Project in place and have the best people on the project to develop some workable solutions and then present them to Govt. There are residents in TCI who have some of the answers. Don’t exclude them. We also need to address our youths. The Youth Center is functioning well. Let us promote this and increase the number of volunteers. We need a facility like a YMCA. Let us form a committee to get this going. We need to address the median along Leeward Highway.

For National Heritage Day and National Heroes Day, everyone that resides here should support this event by participating in these events by showing up and having TCI flags on their vehicles.In fact,I challenge each of you that resides in TCI, if you are going to display your country flag on your vehicles, why don’t you also display TCI flag right next to it especially those persons who have been residents in TCI for many years. I am conscious that many of you will always have a bond to your birth place and so perhaps we need to have an annual International Day Parade (not a holiday) and showcase all the nationalities in TCI. This will be a great opportunity to not only learn about each other but also to interact with each other.It should not be a competition but more or less for information purposes.

I know generally people are comfortable with their own ethnic group and consequently a network of relationship develops and so people hang out with their own. Interact and get to know people of different backgrounds. I am sure you will discover you have more in common than you think.

In terms of discrimination, a person’s income, profession or their country of origin should not be a factor in how one gets respect. Everyone deserves respect as every job is important. Someone has to do the job that some of us consider menial. In fact, it is the so menial jobs that keep our growing country as they are the ones keeping the rooms in spectacular condition. They are the ones preparing and serving the meals to our residents and guests. As a result, tourists keep returning. On another note, we have seen a number of our athletes who are not the so call“indigenous”performing well and  of course representing TCI well. If these individuals were not athletes, how would you treat them?

I think work permits should be rejected if a local is qualified to do the job. In fact, it should not even reach the Board because a labour department would have done its due digilence before issuing a clearance.I am aware that some job advertisements are very misleading so as to hire certain individuals and in so doing avoid hiring certain individuals. The Labour Dept needs to recruit additional expertise staff that can decipher the requirements of a job as this practice must discontinue.

In terms of housing, TCIG needs to review the building code and not tolerate any illegals shacks. Demolish them. In the meantime, TCIG needs to partner with local contractors and individuals to promote the construction of apartments by offering incentives to the locals to build. If hotels can get concession for condos and so should the locals for apartments.These individuals should show proof of housing before arriving here.

I believe at all times that qualified locals should be given first preference for a job or contract. On the other hand, I do not approve granting a job to an unqualified local just because he or she is a local as some of us have a sense of entitlement without meaningful justification. This is a setup for failure so do not buy into the concept, “Fake it till you make it.”The truth always come out so don’t embarrass yourself or our country by being in a role you do not know even if the pay is well. When you fail, then all of us fail. If you are not qualified, efforts should be made to gain the necessary experience and qualifications. Once you have achieved this then you should be entitled to first preference.

In conclusion, I believe the TCI can be a model country of living in harmony with 91 nationalities. I thank God for allowing me to have individuals in my life of different races whom I consider as friends, brothers and sisters for life.

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