If you want it, work for it. Faith without works is dead.

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If you want it, work for it. Faith without works is dead.

“But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is [c]dead?”  James 2:20


I know many of us who are Christians are living by faith and it is our belief that whatever we ask God for, he will grant it to us because all we have to do is to believe. However, the word clearly states that faith without works is dead. Too many times, we find ourselves praying for this and praying for that but we are not equipping ourselves to get what we want. Yes we should pray but we also need to be wise. We are praying for a healthy body but yet we continue to eat unhealthy. We have to work on the right balanced diet and eat healthy.  We are praying for a great relationship with God but yet we are not taking the time to read his word and worship him in sprit and truth. We are praying for changes in our country but yet we are not spreading the word of God to others. How do we expect changes to our society when most times we are only preaching to converts in our four walls on Sundays? Go out, work and preach to the lost and the unsaved.

Some of us have big dreams but yet we are not doing anything to get there. All we are doing on a daily basis is dreaming and dreaming with no action plans. Dreaming will not get you what you want. Get out and work if you want to achieve your big dreams.

Some of us love to say we are waiting on the Lord but we are not working towards achieving our goals. Continue to wait then and see what happens if you do not work for it.

Work for it

If you do not work for what you want, you will not get what you deserve. If you want food to eat, don’t you have to work for it? If you want clothes to wear, don’t you have to work for it? If you want to travel, don’t you have to work for it? If you want to provide for your family, don’t you have to work for it? Too many of us want things but do not want to work for it.  Some of us just want to receive things from others without working for them. On the other hand, there are some people who have genuine needs and if we are in a position to help others, we should. The best thing we can do is to help someone if we can provide work for them so they do not become dependent on others. If we cannot provide work for them, then perhaps we can train them or guide them on how they can find work for themselves.

Some of us just expect things to suddenly show up in our lives without working for it. While this is possible, the Bible discourages laziness.


God has plans to prosper us, however, you must work so that those plans can come to fruition. I believe one of the greatest feeling is knowing that you work for what you got. There are so many possibilities within your reach. Work for them. Sometimes you may encounter failures and obstacles but don’t ever stop working for what you want. Faith with works is a powerful union and what union, you can achieve anything. Remember faith without works is dead so you better work.

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