In pursuit of wealth, when is enough, enough!

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In pursuit of wealth, when is enough, enough!

Set realistic goals and be comfortable and satisfied.



It seems the more you make, the more you want. I don’t know if it is because the world has set standards on what being wealthy means and therefore in pursuit of wealth, we are trying to achieve those standards. To some, those standards may mean the type of the car you have, the size of your house, the number of possessions you have and the amount of money on your bank account. Nowadays, a million dollars in the bank is not enough for some people and so people continue to find ways and means to add more to the millions in the bank. Of course, there are some people who do not have very little or no more at all and they are in pursuit of wealth because they need to survive.

At some point in your life, you should ask yourself if it is worth pursuing wealth at the expense of your time with your family. Ask yourself how much more do you want? In fact, ask yourself, what is it that you want? Therefore, I encourage each of you to set realistic goals and once you have achieved those goals, then tell yourself enough is enough and it is time to enjoy your life. Otherwise, you risk becoming very greedy and may compromise your integrity.

Pursuing wealth

Everybody needs money and there is nothing wrong with pursuing wealth. However, you must be very careful how you are pursuing wealth at the expense of other things. I do not know your financial condition and you do not know mine but if you are well off and you think you have residual income to last you when you retire, then discontinue pursuing more wealth. Obviously, if you are in a position and you do not have adequate money or you are close to retirement and you don’t see how you are going to maintain your livelihood, then yes pursue that wealth until you have achieved that desired income.

In pursuing wealth, do not focus on getting a big house or a particular type of car. The important thing is for you to have a decent shelter and transportation.

If you are in debt, be very careful about getting into more debt unless you are getting a very good deal. Do you want to die leaving your family behind to pay your debt. If you are in debt, you probably should try to pursue additional income to pay off your debt.

In pursing wealth, do not compromise your integrity by lying on loan applications or by stealing other people’s money so that you can become wealthy. You see some people become wealthy because they believe finally, they will be recognized in society. You do not have to pursue wealth to be recognized in society. In fact, you should not be concerned about being recognized in society, you should focus on finding and pursuing your purpose.

Set realistic goals.

Set realistic goals for yourself whether it is to start that business, get a house, an apartment or to make sure your children are taken care of in the event something happens to you. Determine the dollar figure that you think you need to achieve your goals and then be happy and live comfortably.

Your time is limited.

Your time on the earth is limited. People are dying while pursuing wealth and the thing is when you die, you will not carry any of this wealth with you. In fact, it will be useless to you. Because your time is limited, do not use all your time in pursuit of wealth. Use your time in pursuit of your passion and don’t let your passion be to pursue wealth. Try helping other people to become successful.

Be comfortable with enough.

Determine when enough is enough and this is where your goal setting comes in. It is ok if other people have more than you. You do not have to aggressively pursue wealth to have more than others. Be comfortable with enough.

With that said, be careful what you do in pursuing more wealth. Do not take the risk of investing your money in ponzi schemes. You may not know it is a ponzi scheme, but if you are guaranteed a significant return each month, especially a double-digit return, stay away and be comfortable with enough.  


How many of you would be willing to give up pursuing more wealth than you need?  There are some people I know who are pursuing their passions and in so doing they can generate more wealth without necessarily actually pursuing wealth.

Be very careful in pursuit of more wealth. Some people have even committed fraud and financial crimes just to get wealth.  They think they will not get caught.  After a while, this continuous pursuit of wealth can be very stressful. You will find yourself never being satisfied. Put some limits in place through your goals and know when enough is enough.

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