Is Age just a number?

You are so much more than a number. Quote. Quotes. Age is just a number. Live life to the fullest.

Is Age just a number?

It is about being wiser, smarter, and more experienced.


As I celebrate my 54th birthday today, I reflect on a phrase that is commonly used “Age ain’t nothing but a number.”  As some people get older, some people do not like to reveal their age. It is also said that we should not ask a woman her age. I am not sure why, but I don’t think men or women should conceal their age.

While your age is technically a number, there is more to your age than a number. As you age, you become wiser, smarter, more mature, and more experienced.

Ageing is about experience.

One of the great things about ageing is that you have gained a lot of experience. With experience, it can help you to succeed because you have learned a lot, you have a lot of knowledge and hopefully you will not repeat some of the same mistakes you made. In some professions, having experience is better than having a college degree.

When you don’t have experience, you are likely to make some premature decisions which can impact you negatively. Of course, it can impact you positively if you learn from them.

Ageing is about being wiser and smarter.

Based on your experience, I believe you become wiser. As you get older, your perspective of life may change. The decisions you make are different because you are experienced. Too many times when we are young, we make foolish decisions. Of course, there are some young people who are also very wise but the point I am trying to make is that as you get older, you think you will become wiser.

Ageing is about maturity.

When you are a child, you act and behalf like a child. When you are an adult, you should act and behalf like an adult. With ageing, you should mature and be a responsible person and engage in things that are of your age and not when you were younger. In fact, as you age, there may be some things you can no longer do. You may have to slow down and take your time.

Ageing is about knowing what you want.

Too many times, we don’t know what we want in life or what our purpose in this world is about. However, as you get older, I think it is more than likely that you may know what you want in life. I also think that you become more confident about yourself and do not worry about what others say about you.


Do not be concerned about getting older. Ageing is part of life. All you must do is be grateful and thankful and learn from life experiences. Age is more than a number and because it is more than a number, don’t let that number define what you should be or should not be doing. Of course, you should use your experience and be wise about your decisions.

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