Is it God’s will or our free will when selecting political leaders?


Is it God’s will or our free will when selecting political leaders?


Most times during elections, the name of God is used frequently. In fact, it is used more than ever and sometimes I believe it is used because people know that God exists and they believe that if they have faith and whatever they ask for they will receive it.  During the elections, you will hear some of the following statement; God does not sleep; God appoints and God removes Kings; Let God’s will be done. While these statements are true, it is my personal opinion that God is not directly involved in the selection of political leaders, however, he does know the outcome of an election because God is an Omniscient God. Therefore, I believe that politicians are chosen by the free will of the people.

God’s will in Politics

The political systems throughout the world including my beloved Turks and Caicos Islands have created a lot of chaos, confusion and division. God is not a God of confusion and division. God’s desire is for us to elect Jesus Christ as our Saviour not politicians. Many of us have turned our backs on the God and have the politicians as Gods. Will God appoint leaders who kill people? Will God appoint leaders who promote hatred and division?  

I believe that God will expose the wickedness and corruption of people thus allowing people to use their free will to select their politicians. However, I believe that God’s will is for us to evangelize about him.  It is true that Governments have been established throughout the world and someone has to run the Government but are we better off spiritually with the political system. Our involvement in the political system has driven us apart from God. This cannot be the design that God intended for us to do.

Free will

God has given all of us a free will to make decisions.  According to Wikipedia, “Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action unimpeded. Free will is closely linked to the concepts of moral responsibility, praise, guilt, sin, and other judgements which apply only to actions that are freely chosen.”

Based on this definition of free will, it is indeed our free will that we use to select our politicians. This is the reason why politicians and their supporters campaign a lot because they want to convince us to choose their politicians of their choice and we do so based on our free will. Why do you think politicians work so hard going door to door to convince people to work for them? You can pray as much as you want and have faith but faith without works is dead.


I do not wish to cause much confusion but this is my personal opinion that we are getting God mixed up too much in politics. I believe an election result is the result of the people and not necessarily of God.  I wish to conclude that I wish we can use God in our lives everyday like how we called on his name during the election campaign.

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