Is it worth it?

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Is it worth it?

Do not put politics over family, friends, business, and God.



Somehow, we have engrained in our culture and minds that the answer to our issues is to get into politics. In my opinion, the political parties have become like cults. We are not mature when it comes to politics and as a result some families are split over politics. Some friendships are destroyed over politics. Businesses are impacted by politics. Some of the churches are in trouble because of politics.

It is fact that countries have a system that requires individuals to occupy as politicians so that they can manage the affairs of the country in terms of making laws and policies and budgeting and managing the finances.

Some people really need to understand what it is they are getting into. There is nothing wrong with voting for a particular party or person, but it does not have to be public knowledge. Furthermore, it should not reach to a level in your life where it has destroyed your friendship, your family, your business and more importantly compromised your relationship with God. Therefore, is it worth getting into politics?

Is it worth destroying your relationship with your family?

One of the greatest foundations in any society is the foundation of a family. When that foundation is broken, our society is broken because of division, hostility, enviousness, and jealousy. One way the family is broken is through politics. Family members running against each other. Husband and wife fighting over politics. Other family members fight and argue over politics. This is not worth it. I would rather not go to politics than to cause a division among my family. I rather be quiet about my political affiliation than to be divided over families. My family is more important to me than politics.

Is it worth destroying your friendship?

A sincere friendship is not easy to find and when you do find it, try to maintain it. There are some friends who will never let you down. Do not let politics destroy your friendship.

Is it worth destroying your business?

Due to our obsession with politics and the lack of our maturity level, be very careful when it comes to politics. At the end of the day, you have your family to take care of and you have employees to pay. When it comes to your business, be neutral. Every customer is important, and you don’t want to lose any customer because of politics. Therefore, ask yourself, “is it worth it? Honestly, some of you are better being in your business than to go into politics.

Is it worth more than being in the church?

The church is more important than politics. If the church does its part in reaching the lost souls, we will have a better society. The church has members and followers who are split over their political affiliation. Is it worth getting into politics knowing that this will create division in the church? Can you serve in the church and politics at the same time? Is it worth it?


I believe that most people that want to go into politics may have good intentions. They want to make a difference in their lives of individuals. However, I am convinced that many people do not understand how politics works and many people do not care even if it means destroying families, friends, businesses, and their relationship with God. Is it worth it? Your family, friends, business and God cannot be replaced with politics. There are so many things you can do to improve the lives of others without going into politics.

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