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Some tips for students, parents, teachers, and Government


It is this time of the year when a new school year starts. This is an exciting time especially for parents who spend the entire summer with their children. It is also an exciting time for first time students whether it is kindergarten, elementary, secondary, or tertiary. Unfortunately, it is also a time of anxiety for some individuals as they do not like the school and don’t see the purpose in going to school. Some students do not like school also because they are constantly being teased and bullied.

I believe the school is a place that should not only provide learning opportunities but also a place of teaching others to interact, love and appreciate others.

I am not an educator even though I wanted to be one, but I am a parent and was a student and so I hope this article provides meaningful tips to make your time in school more meaningful and appreciative.


Students do not take your time in school for granted. It is a place where you can learn something and therefore, I encourage you to learn as much as you can. If you do not understand what is being taught you, let your teacher know. Furthermore, when you go home, google the subject area, and watch videos on the topics until you understand fully the area. Even if you understand the subject, please still review daily when you go home. Stay focused and listen carefully to your teacher.

If you do this, you will not have to cramp or study as much the night before an exam. Do your assignments as soon as you get them. Do not delay. Do not plagiarize. If you are using someone’s else work, give credit to them. Participate in school. I know sometimes you may feel you are asking a silly question but if you don’t know then how you will know if you don’t ask. Do not cheat. If you have multiple choice questions, attempt to answer all of them. Treat your teachers and other students with respect. However, do not let anyone take advantage of you. If they do, let your parents, principal and teachers know. Students, remember nobody is better than you. There may be some students in your class that may know the subject better than you but do not let that intimidate you. There is something you are also very good in. Find a balance with your academics. Get involve in sports or some community work.  Everything in school should not just be academia. Finally, students, do not compromise your character or integrity by sleeping withing your teacher or professor to get a good grade. It is not worth it. If anyone sexually harass you, obtain the evidence, and report them because trust me, they are not only doing it to you but to others as well.


Parents, remember these children are your children, not the teacher’s children. Too many of us are sending our children to school and expect the teacher to do everything. Parents, we have a responsibility too. Review your children’s work and make sure they complete their assignments. Some of them may be able to work independent of your help while others will need your help. If you cannot help them, then find someone who can tutor them.  We cannot go back in time so ensure that your children are doing the best they can do. One thing I caution you is, do not compare your children to other children or even to yourself.

Some of you may want to put your child in a private school but if you cannot afford it, then don’t it. Don’t worry about what people think as they do not know your situation. Parents don’t put your career ahead of your children. Find the time to be involve in their education because soon your children will become adults and no longer be in your home. It is our responsibility to guide them and groom them.  Don’t say anything negatively about the teacher in the presence of your children.

Parents, accept the fact that some of your children will not want to go to college. It is ok if they go in the workforce after school.


I admire teachers. It is a profession that is underrecognized. I encourage you though to keep teaching. We need teachers. I also encourage you to be an example to your students and to ensure that your students understand the material you taught them. Do not show favouritism even if you have favourites. Do not insult or shout at the students in the presence of others. You can make or break a child self-worth. Appreciate the fact that not all children are the same. Another thing is to discontinue putting positions on the report card. Sometimes there is too much focused-on positions. I remember in High School; I came first in Physics with a failed grade. Positions are not a measurement; the measurement is passing the subject. Finally, Teachers, upgrade your skills on a continuous basis.


The education system is guided by the Education Department. Ensure that we are not behind. Ensure that the curriculum is upgraded and when students leave secondary school, they can function in the workplace as some may not pursue tertiary education. Therefore, technical education should be prominent in secondary schools. I also think experiential learning should be promoted in the schools. I think this will also help students to learn better. Some of the current subjects being taught need to remove and replaced with everyday life subjects.

Government must also ensure that sports including swimming is an integral part of the curriculum of the schools and promote healthy competition among the various schools.  Finally, compensate the teachers fairly as they deserve more.


Being in school does not necessarily have to be hard. It is life learning experience, and it should be a mix of fun as well. Testing should not be about regurgitation. Testing should be about understanding and applying what you have learned. In this way, you are increasing a student’s ability to think.

Life is already difficult and so we do not need to make school life difficult. Otherwise, many students will not see the need for school especially when they can virtually google anything.

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