It is not over as yet.


It is not over as yet.


I know sometimes it feels like it is all over. My friends, it is not over as yet no matter how you feel or how things look.

A few years ago, there is a lady I know who was very ill and even the doctors had given up on her. Her family was already making arrangements for her funeral but it was not her time to die. God miraculously recovered and restored this lady and to this date she is still alive.

On a personal note, last week, I thought everything was over for me. Somehow, while on the airplane to the Florida, a panic attack came upon me suddenly and I thought it was end of my life. I was sweating so much, and my breathing was abnormal. Everything felt so wrong. I begin to panic and start thinking about the worst possible situation. I really should have been praying like my wife on the side of me was doing but no, I thought it was over for me. However, it was not over for me and by the time the plane landed in Ft Lauderdale, I was feeling well. Thank God for prayers.

Many times, we say we have faith, we say we believe and we say we are not afraid but when we encounter an actual attack, we panic and sometimes fail because things look impossible.

You can cross the Red Sea

When Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, the Israelites were being chased by the Egyptians and when they reached the Red Sea, the Israelites thought they were going to perish in the Red Sea. However, it was not over for them as God parted the Red Sea and the Israelites were able to cross successfully the Red Sea on dry land while the Egyptians who pursued them die.

Whatever Red Sea you face in your life, God can part it for you to cross and take you where you need to go because it is not over as yet for you.

You shall live

The doctor may have diagnosed some of us with chronic illnesses and you may think based on statistics, it is the end of your life. My friends it is not over as yet.

Larazus was dead for four days but Jesus was able to raise him from the dead. God can also healed you from that disease and healed your body. It is not over as yet despite the diagnosis. Speak Life in your situation. Pray and believe you shall live.

Justice shall take place

There is so much injustice taking place in this world. Some people have committed unlawful and evil acts for years without paying a price. There are so many unanswered questions and some of you are wondering how long will justice take place or will justice ever take place. Rest assured it is not over as yet.

In Habukkuk 1, Habukkuk cried out to the Lord and wanted to know why he is delaying judgement. However, the Lord responded and told Habukkuk to watch and see how judgement will take place.

The Lord knows everything, he knows the injustices that are taking place and one day all of those persons will be charged for all of their acts. It may be months, it may be years but they will not get away with it. Watch and see the mighty move of God.


I know all of us will face death at one point in our lives but some of us when confronted with death believes it is our time when in fact it is not our time as yet. It is not over until God says it is over. If you truly believe you have not completed your purpose as yet then continue to believe it is not over as yet for you.

I know it also seems that the wicked is getting away with murder and injustice. Remember it is not over as yet and the wicked will be dealt with in due season.

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