It is time to be more vocal

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It is time to be more vocal

Are we going to continue to be give consent by being silent?


Three months ago, I wrote an article entitled sometimes it is best to be quiet. I have not changed my position because there is a time to be quiet but there is also a time to be vocal. I know many of you feel if you become vocal, you will be victimized and furthermore you feel that things will be the same because no changes will take place. The truth is the more we remain quiet and don’t say anything, we are giving consent to the issues that take place. While you may say that it is not giving consent and perhaps it is not your intention to give consent, but your quiet behaviour may be signaling a message of consent. Therefore, I encourage all of us to be more vocal. Being vocal does not necessarily mean you have to be rowdy or rude for you can be vocal and calm simultaneously.

Be more vocal

I experienced something recently from an establishment that I frequent. I called in advance and placed my order. They told me the expected time to come, however, I came 10 minutes later because I wanted to give them more time. Unfortunately, when I arrived, they could not find my order and eventually told me the person lost the paper on which she wrote the order. I think it was very unacceptable and so I reported this incident to the boss. The boss assured me that this will not happen again. I don’t know what the boss did, but I knew he dealt with the issue. You see if I had remained quiet, that employee may not appreciate or understand her unacceptable behaviour and may continue to do so without any conscience. I am quite sure you can think of many other issues on which you did not say anything.

By remaining quiet, we are allowing individuals to get away with “murder” What would you do if you knew the person that committed a crime? Are you going to remain silent, or will you report it?  What if you are aware of someone being abuse? Are you going to remain silent and don’t report it? What if that person dies at the hands of their abuser? How would you feel when you could have made a difference? Now I know we love politics but most of us remain quiet about the issues in our country?  The ironic thing is many of us are vocal on the affairs of other countries but not ours. Most times it is just a few people who are vocal and because these individuals are few in numbers, their opinions are not taken seriously. Therefore, more of us need to be more vocal.

Some of you are being taken advantage of and you remain silent about your situation. Do not let anyone take advantage of you. Be vocal. Some people are very vocal in spreading all kinds of doctrine that are contrary to the word of God, but many Christians have remained quiet. We must be more vocal and speak the truth which is the word of God. Speaking about Christianity why are we not hearing more people being vocal about the private members’ bill that Lord Cashman introduced in the UK House of the Lords that will allow same sex marriages in the Overseas Territories. I don’t believe your silence means consent in this regard but if we remain quiet, the UK may think that our silence may mean consent. Let us be more vocal.


I believe if more people in our country become vocal, we will observe many things taking place for the better. The people who say they cannot do anything will end up finding the ways and means to do something when they are confronted and surrounded by people who are vocal. You have power in your mouth. Use it to stop the injustices, inequalities, mediocrity and disrespect that are taking place.

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