It can build you up or break you down


Leadership is very important in all aspects of our lives whether it is leadership in the home, the workplace, the church, Government, and the community. Leadership (effective or ineffective) makes an impactful difference in the lives of individuals and the organization. If you are an effective leader, you will build up an effective and high-performance team. On the other hand, if you an ineffective leader, you will break down the morale of your team.

Lead by example

Leaders need to lead by example. Mean what you say and do what you say. How do you expect your team to do the right thing when you as a leader is not doing the right thing. It is leaders that set the direction for the organization. Therefore, lead by example so that your organization and team can effective.

Act and be decisive

Leaders must be bold and brave enough to make decisions and act. Your team and organization are in the state because you are indecisive and not doing anything.

Listen to your team

Sometimes leaders think they know everything. They allow their titles to get to them and do not value the input from the team. Your team may have a lot of suggestions for the organization. Listen to them and do not count them out. After all, your team is at the frontline of your organization. If you do not listen to your team, you will make your team feel that their input is not significant.


You must also hold your team accountable. Too many of us turn a blind eye to some situations. Some of us are too close or friendly with your team and you don’t want to hurt their feelings. However, if you do not hold them accountable, you are not helping the team or the organization. Your team will continue to do what they like without being held accountable. I can assure you if you hold your team accountable, they will eventually appreciate you and respect you.

Don’t embarrass your team publicly

Sometimes leaders embarrass their team in the presence of others. Sometimes without calling the team’s name directly, they throw shade at them.  If you have an issue with a member of your team, speak to them privately. How do you think you would feel if someone embarrassed you publicly?

Encourage and inspire your team

One of things leaders need to know more often is to encourage and inspire their team. Everybody needs encouragement. Of course, leaders need encouragement too but lead by example

Be honest

Leaders be honest. Don’t lie to your team. The thing is if you are not an honest person, you may end up telling more lies to cover up your other lies. It is best to be honest because the truth comes out anyway. When the people discover you are lying, they will not trust you.


An effective leader needs to communicate. If you do not communicate, you leave the door open for a lot of rumours and assumptions. Leaders should not assume their team know. Therefore, it is important for leaders to communicate frequently.


Leaders must learn to delegate. You do not have to do everything yourself. If you want your team to grow, delegate some duties and allow them to grow even if they fail at it. Furthermore, you don’t want to get burn out by doing everything yourself.

Treat people with respect

Too many of us disrespect our team. We take sides with individuals depending on who they are and where they are from. Stop acting like people on the job just for the paycheck. Maybe it is because of how you treat them as a leader.  Don’t talk about your team members to others.


Leadership must assume responsibility for the performance of their team and organization. Too many leaders blame others for the success of the team and organization when in fact it is us as leaders.

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