Learn as much as you can on the job.

Everyone has role to play

Learn as much as you can on the job.

Work in different areas and become diversify.


Many years ago, while I was working at KPMG, Hon. Wendall Swann stopped by the office, and in the lobby, there were many different pamphlets on the various products and services offered by the company. He asked me if I knew about these different services and I told him I didn’t. He further wanted to know why I didn’t. I couldn’t answer him. At that time, my focused was on accounting and I didn’t see or appreciate the need to learn about the other areas. However, if I had to do it again, I would learn as much as I can about the various services the company offered. Therefore, this article is to encourage you to become diversify on your job.

Encourage rotation among employees.

Many organizations have different departments, and it would benefit the organization to rotate its employees. What if there is only one person in your company, that knows what to do in a particular area, and that individual gets sick, what will you do.  This is one of the reasons why other employees should become familiar and proficient in other areas of the job. First of all, an organization should not have one person assigned to one area only. I understand in small companies, this may have to be the case. Even in small companies, you should still find a way for employees to understand all aspects of the company. Through rotation, employees may discover the job they currently doing maybe not be what they should be doing. Rotation also should result in an appreciation for other colleagues. Sometimes we don’t appreciate what others do until we get in their positions. Furthermore, when it is time for promotion or the opportunity for another position in the company, you will be well equipped with the knowledge and experience in other areas. CEOs and entrepreneurs should also work in the different areas of the organization. You should not be totally dependent on your employees. You should know just as much or more than your employees, otherwise you may find yourself in a handicap position.

Employees, even if your company does not promote rotation, make it your business and ask to work in different areas of your company. You have so much to gain.


You do not have to be concern about whether some of the jobs are beneath you. Every role in an organization is important as each role serves different purposes. Unless you really love what you do and even if you love what you do, a change from time to time is essential. Rotation on the jobs may confirm whether or not you are in the right position. I am quite sure, sometimes you wonder if you made the right decision in the area that you are working.

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