Let us celebrate – as we reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ

Merry Christmas

Let us celebrate – as we reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ


I believe one of the greatest celebrations in the life of a family is the birth of a child. I recalled one of the happiest moments in our lives is the birth of our first child, Drexanna Gabrielle on November 19, 1998.  Of course, the birth of our other four children were also equally exciting and each year we celebrate their birthdays.

Well over 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ was born and that is what the Christmas celebration is about. We may not know the day and month he was born but we do know that he was born and because he was born, we should celebrate his birth.

You see the birth of Jesus Christ is very significant. Jesus Christ is the Saviour. Are you not thankful that he came into this word to set us free from sin? Therefore, Let us remember why we celebrate Christmas.

I know many of us have lost touch on the real meaning for the season. We have removed the word Christ from the word Christmas and replaced it with an X therefore saying XMAS. We have replaced Merry Christmas with Season Holidays and Happy Holidays. We have replaced Jesus with Santa. Gradually, year after year we are moving away from the real reason for this season.

Let us celebrate his birth.

The birth of Jesus is what our focused should be during this time. Therefore, spend quality time with God and thank him for the birth of Jesus Christ. Prior to the birth of Jesus, the world was full of sin but because of the birth of Jesus, sin does not have to be present in our lives. We need to celebrate this. Imagine what our lives would have been like if Jesus Christ did not come into this world.  This calls for a celebration.

Do not let anyone persuade you otherwise. Always celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christmas and do not use any short cut in the celebration. Furthermore, do not spend your energy and money buying multiple gifts for family and friends. Spend time with your family and friends celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Some of our children do not even know about Jesus. Why don’t you spend time understanding and recognizing who Jesus is?  I am quite sure you would celebrate his birth once you realize what his birth means.


The birth of Jesus was foretold and it came to pass. The birth of Jesus Christ made it possible for you and me to overcome sin. Don’t you celebrate milestones? Then we should also celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Don’t you know if he was not born, we would not have a second chance? We have a second chance so let us celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is ok if you don’t receive a gift or are able to give a gift. Let us move away from the commercialization of the season and put Christ back into Christmas.

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