Let us deal with the real enemies in our country and I am not one of them.


Let us deal with the real enemies in our country and I am not one of them.


I am not the enemy. The people that demand accountability are not the enemies. The people that constructively criticize you are not the enemies. The people that complain are not the enemies.

Our real enemies are crime and national security, lack of vision, discrimination, prejudice, racism, division and lack of harmony, unhealthy population, exodus of Turks and Caicos Islanders, lack of patriotism, not knowing your worth, fear, illegal activities and the Devil himself.

We need to deal with these enemies urgently. When we address and defeat these enemies, then we can can truly say there is progress in our country.

Crime and National Security

Crime is a major enemy to our country and can destroy our livelihood in a heartbeat.

Lack of vision

Lack of vision is another major enemy in this country. According to the Bible, “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Discrimination, Prejudice and Racism

Another enemy is the discrimination, prejudice and blatant racism in the work place and our society.  Your compensation is different depending on who you are. Your promotion on the job is delayed or denied because of who you are. You are not given a contract or a job because of who you are. As a cover up, some of us are given titles with no authority to make decisions. As a result of this enemy, there is a significant disparity in wealth among the residents.

Division and lack of harmony

There are a number of persons who are promoting the division not only among TCI Islanders and non TCI Islanders but among TCI Islanders themselves.  Almost everything in this country is based on Blue or Yellow. This is a major enemy in our country and sooner or later it will come back to haunt us. We are busy making up false stories and accusations about others and forwarding them on social media. Have we ever stop to consider our actions?

Unhealthy population

Another major enemy is our unhealthy population. Too many people are sick and dying in this country as a result of many illnesses and diseases.

Exodus of Turks and Caicos

Too many of us are leaving Turks and Caicos and too many of us are encouraging our children not to return to TCI. As a result of the exodus, we will have to import more labourers but yet we complain about the “foreigners” taking over.

Lack of Patriotism

Too many of us say we are proud to be Turks and Caicos with our mouths but our actions and hearts are far from it. Check out some of our status on social media.  Check out how many of us are bragging about our “American” children. Some don’t even say TCI American.

Not Knowing Your Worth

You are worth so much but because some of us do not know how valuable we are, we are selling our birthrights for as low as $1000 a month to obtain a business licence for a reserved category. This is a big enemy that has to be dealt with.

A Climate of Fear

There is so much fear in this country. People are afraid to say how they really feel. People are afraid to take risks and afraid of being called a failure. Fear is an enemy that we need to overcome.

Illegal activities

There are persons conducting business in this country without a valid business licence and competing with those that have. There continues to be the construction of illegal shacks but when we build, we are under a lot of scrutiny. There are people who continue to come to this country illegally and infiltrating themselves in the community putting a strain on our resources as they are not paying any taxes but show up at the hospital for emergency services for free. There are illegal guns on the streets. Prostitution is rampant in the country. This is a huge enemy.

The Devil

The biggest enemy of all is the Devil himself. We are being used by this enemy and we are full of animosity, jealousy, hatred and unforgiveness.


The real enemies are right in our face and are getting larger and out of control every day.  If we do not tackle the aforementioned enemies, these enemies will take over and enslave us mentally, spiritually and physically.

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