Let us try to live by the Golden Rule

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Let us try to live by the Golden Rule

Treat others the way you want to be treated.


The Golden rule is basically “treat others the way you want to be treated.” (Matthew 7:12).  There are some people that live by the Golden Rule all of the time. There are some that live by it sometimes and there are some that do not live by it at all. I believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect, love, kindness and fairness but yet some of us are so hateful, unkind and unfair towards others. I also believe that we should be happy for the success of others and encourage and celebrate their success. The thing is we want people to be happy for our success but we are not happy for the success of others. While I do not think you need validation from others, but there are moments when you feel all alone and an encouragement from someone can alleviate that loneliness. Ironically, we want people to encourage us but we are busy discouraging others either through throwing shade or not saying anything at all to others.

If we live by the Golden Rule, the world will be a better place.  More people will be happy and there will be an increase in unity. Therefore if you want to bring about a positive change in the community and the work place, try to live by the Golden Rule.

Be conscious of what you do or say

Sometimes we do things without thinking about the consequences and when you realize what you have done, it may be too late to retract what you did. Therefore, make it a habit to be conscious of what you say and write and that is why it is important not to be hasty. Before you say or write something, put this question to yourself. Do I want someone to say or write this about me? If you don’t, then don’t it.

Be happy for others

Be happy for others because when your “season” comes, you will want people to be happy for you. Somehow, a spirit of jealousy “kicks” when you see others are doing well and you are very unhappy because it appears they are doing better than you or they are in the spotlight and you are not. Listen here, I believe it is just a matter of time before you reap your harvest so in the meantime be happy for others. Therefore, rather than having envy and jealousy build up in you because of the success of others be happy for them and tell yourself, your time is coming.

Don’t look down on people – Respect them and treat them equally

We have created all kinds of circles in our society. Some people with money and positions tend to look down on others and we treat them differently. Some white people look down on black people. Some light skinned people look down on dark skinned people. We need to learn to treat people equally. One day the tables may turn and you will want to be treated equally.

Encourage someone

The world is very negative and there is so much discouragement. Sometimes we are the ones fueling the discouragement and when it is time for encouragement from someone, there is none. When you see someone doing something positive, encourage them. Give them a call and say something nice. Stop spreading gossip and rumours about others because you don’t want anyone to do that to you.


The Golden rule is a powerful rule and if we live by it, we can resolve a lot of issues in life. One of the reasons why the world is chaotic is because we are not treating people the way we want to be treated. Racism exists because we are not living by the Golden Rule. There is a lot of crime in this world because we are not living by the Golden Rule. Finally, there is a lot of division in society because we are not living by the Golden Rule.

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