Let us use the “monkey see, monkey do” concept to create positive behaviours in our society

Monkey is playing on brick

Let us use the “monkey see, monkey do” concept to create positive behaviours in our society


The monkey see monkey do concept has been around for years. Before I proceed with this article, I am not implying that anyone is a monkey. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that the behaviours of some individuals occur because they are doing what they see others are doing. With that said, I am suggesting that we capitalize on this concept and make something positive out of it.

Our society is full of negativity and perhaps part of it is due to the fact that we are doing what we see others do without even thinking about the consequences or the reasons why we are doing what we are doing.

Say something positive and uplift each other

One thing I try not to do is to forward negative messages or videos about others.  However, it seems as soon as we get a negative video or message we forward it to someone else and then he or she in turn forward that to someone else and soon it becomes viral creating a lot of negative vibes and ruining the reputation of others.  Not all videos and messages about individuals are accurate and even if they are correct, it should not be our business to forward negative information about others. Unfortunately, if no one denies or confirms the information on the video then the information is considered to be the truth.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we discontinue forwarding negative messages and concentrate on saying something positive about individuals and organizations. What is even amazing though is that some of our leaders are guilty of this behavior and as a result their followers likewise do the same thing. Monkey see, monkey do. Wouldn’t it be nice if we discontinue commenting on the negative vibes? Why don’t we try that?

Write or say something positive about someone or an organization and let it become viral. There is so much good about individuals and organzations but we are not encourage to say good things about others because of the negative side of the Monkey see, monkey do concept. It appears that negative news sell fast and are more interesting. Do we want a negative society? Do we want people to stop spreading gossip and rumours about you? If not, then start with you by not enabling this kind of behaviour. Maybe others will follow suit.

It is really amazing that most times we hear positive things about others is during a funeral or a memorial service after someone dies. Why don’t we make this type of behavior a part of our culture all of the time?

If we say something positive, then we can uplift and encourage others. Because of the negative society, many people are afraid to venture into their calling because they are discouraged. However, if you uplift others, they will be encouraged. However, we are spending most of our time tearing each other down especially if we do not agree with their opinions. We are setting a wrong example for our future generation as they will behave the way they see their friends, parents and others behave. Therefore we must lead by example because monkey see, monkey do. Perhaps this is why some of our young people are out of control today. They see gangs being formed in other societies and they are doing the same thing here in Turks and Caicos shooting and killing one another. I am quite sure they cannot even tell you why they are doing what they are doing. They are just doing what they see others do.


Given the fact that some behaviours are learned by doing what we see others do, we have an opportunity to change the behaviours of our society by our own actions. We can use the monkey see, monkey do concept to undo some of this evil and negative stuff that is taking place in our society. Stop engaging and promoting the negative information by not commenting or forwarding and hopefully people will realize you are not interesting in that type of information and will discontinue.

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