Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture

Stop looking at things from a small and political point of view


Almost everything we do and say in this country is somehow political and we focused so much on the small things. There is a bigger picture and let us try to comprehend that.

National Youth Day Holiday and National Day of Prayer, Repentance and Fasting

I don’t see anything wrong with having a National Day of Prayer, Repentance and Fasting on the day that was supposed to be National Youth Day. Youth Day should not be one day anyway. There should be programs and activities throughout the year for the young people and then a summary of events culminates on National Youth Day. I rather replace any holiday with a National Day of Prayer.  Our country is in place where we need to pray more, not just one day but every day. I spent about an hour at the National Day of Prayer, Repentance and Fasting and I thought it was a great event. However, more people should have been in attendance. Until we open our eyes and see what the bigger picture that is taking place in TCI, we will continue to look at the small things. Our country is under attack and one of the antidotes is prayer and fasting.  Yes, a murder took place the same day as the National Day of Prayer, Repentance and Fasting but we cannot associate that with the National Day of Prayer. Results may not be manifested immediately but I believe if we continue to look to God and put God first, we will see a change in our country. The murderers are being used by the enemy and if we continue to remain quiet and don’t pull on the full armour of God to defeat the enemy, then the situation will remain the same.

The politicians, the political parties, and crimes

Some people are comparing the number of murders that took place under the various parliamentarians and political parties. It is a bigger picture than politics. The politicians do not solve the murder cases or cause the murders to take place even though they make it a political issue. The politicians are responsible for the policies and the funding of initiatives to combat crime. When the Hon. Rufus Ewing Government was in power, the Opposition at that time said they had the answers with a 12-point crime plan but when they became Government under the leadership of Hon. Sharlene Cartwright it did not work, and she finally said it a spiritual issue and she was right. Then the Opposition under the leadership of Hon. Washington Misick also said they had answers for the crime that was taking place and now they are Government, the crime is continuing and has escalated. No one knows what would have happened if the PDM had won but I believe the number of murders that are taking place would have still happened and that is because of the bigger picture of what is happening is spiritual and furthermore there is breakdown in our society; a society engulfed by greed, guns, and disorder. What is happening now did not take place overnight. Therefore, let us stop politicizing everything and look at the bigger picture. The PNP nor the PDM nor the independent candidates or a third party can solve the crimes. They may appear to have all the answers, but it is bigger than them.

Tinted vehicles and expired licence plates

Many people were upset when the Premier announced at his recent address that the police will be enforcing the laws against those individuals that have their vehicles tinted more than required amount and those individuals that have expired plates or no plates at all. Some people said that they would get arrested faster than the murderers

The fact is these things are illegal and they should be enforced. It is a not as serious as a murder, but it is still wrong. These things may not solve the murder cases that are taking place, but they will certainly send a message to the public that the police are serious about enforcing and upholding the laws of the country. To me that is a big picture and that should be encouraged.  Who knows what impact this will have on the criminals? In fact, this may create fear among the criminals when they see the police is enforcing the laws. These small things can help reduce and deter crimes. It has been proven in other countries.


We spend too much time looking at the small things in life and we end up missing the bigger picture. Before we make a big issue out of the small things, see if you can find the big picture. If you cannot find the big picture, ask but don’t spend time criticizing and politicizing the small things in life.

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