Live by example

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Live by example

Act as if the world is always watching you


Many times, we say and do things simply because of the positions and roles we occupied and so we say what people want to hear. Personally, I believe if you do not mean what you say, then you should not say it all. However, if you are sincere in what you speak and write, then you should live by example. In fact, live as if the world is always watching you.

Live as an example of Christ

Many of us claim to be Christians but the life we live is not an example of Christ. Of course, we are not perfect but each day, we should strive to live as an example of Christ. One of the greatest issues in our society is the lack of love for another. There is so much hatred among us, but we say we are Christians. The greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind. If we love God, then we should live as an example of Christ. The second greatest commandment is to love your neighbour as yourself. You know if we learn to love one another as ourselves, the world will be a better place. One of the reasons why there is so much trouble in the world is because we do not love one another. We hate people because of their colour, nationality and background and sometimes this hatred leads to murder.

To live as an example of Christ also requires us to have compassion for others. Some of us are so unkind. We are in positions to help others, but we do not. We also lack empathy. The thing is, we want people to have empathy for us, but we don’t have empathy for others.

To live as an example of Christ also requires forgiving one another. I know it is hard to forgive when someone does wrong to you but if we want to live as an example of Christ, learn to forgive.

I challenge all of us including myself to resist temptation. Christ resisted temptation by repeating what was written in the word. It is time we spend more time in the word and each time temptation comes your way, remember the word of God. In fact, I would go further by saying act if is someone is watching you. I believe if you think someone is watching you, you will not engage in the temptations.  Remember the truth will come out anyway no matter how long it takes.

Live as an example of JAGS McCartney

On May 31st the Turks and Caicos Islands celebrated JAGS McCartney’s Day. The Most Excellent Right Honourable JAGS McCartney is the only named national Hero of the Turks and Caicos Islands. One of the highlights of the memory of JAGS is that he promoted unity. Every year on this day, we write and speak about JAGS, and we encourage people to unite. Unfortunately, though, on the other days of the year, we promote division.  You may ask why I said this. Just look at how we live. We are divided over politics, the island you are from, and the country you are from. As a result, our country is deteriorating socially. If we want a united country and we want to honour the memory of JAGS, then live as an example of JAGS McCarney. This means living in unity.


I know we like to say lead by example, but I encourage all of us to live by example too. If you are a Christian, whenever you say something or do something, ask yourself am I living as an example of Christ. If you are so proud and inspire by the Most Excellent Right Hon JAGS McCartney, then ask yourself, are my actions reflective of the legacy of JAGS.

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