Make adjustments for a change to take place

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Make adjustments for a change to take place

Doing the same thing will give you the same results


I believe everybody wants a change to take place but unfortunately, we keep doing the same thing over and expect different results. If you want a change to take place, then do something different and this will require you to adjust. Your adjustment can be small, medium, or huge, but the point is you need to adjust. Sometimes you must adjust constantly until you get it right. Of course, you may make mistakes in the adjustment process but rather than looking at them as mistakes, examine the learning lessons from those mistakes.

Many of you were single and eventually got married but you had to make an adjustment in your life as a married person. Many of you became Christians and had to make adjustment to live according to the word of God. Many of you migrated to another country and you had to adjust to the new way of living. I was recently in the UK for a week, and I had to adjust to the time difference as the UK is five hours ahead of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Make adjustments

Adjusting is not easy as many of us really do not want to change even though we need a change. We are too complacent in our comfort zone. If you want to remain in the same position and complain about the progress of others, then do not adjust but if you want an improvement in your life then it is time to adjust.

First, some of us need to adjust our attitude. We have the wrong attitude in life. Some of us have an attitude of entitlement. Some of us have an attitude of ungratefulness. Some of us just simply have a bad attitude. Remember it is your attitude that will determine your altitude so make an adjustment to your attitude. Your attitude will carry you a long way and you will be surprised who is watching you. Have an attitude of faith, love and compassion for others.

Many of you had to adjust to the way of living in a small island compared to where you came from as some of you came from large cities. The way we do things here may not be the way you did things in your country but if you want to live here, you will have to adjust. Likewise, if some of us migrate to other countries, we will have to adjust to the customs of that country.

Some of you will become or are public figures and this may require some of you to adjust from living a private life to a public life. This will require you to adjust because once you are in the public eye, you will be under a lot of scrutiny.

Some of you will have to adjust your diet especially if you have health issues. If you want a better health, then adjust the food you eat. You may not like some of the food but if you want to get better, you will have to eat better. For example, I do not like to eat vegetables, but I have to adjust to having it as part of my diet. I also like to put sugar in my tea but having sugar may not be good for me, so I must adjust removing sugar from my diet.

Some of you have gotten older and you are unable to do some of the things you could have done in your younger age. This will require adjustment, but you can do it.

Some of you will have to adjust from being an employee to an employer.

How to adjust?

Many of us that migrated to other countries should assimilate and appreciate and understand the culture of that country.  If you join a church or a charitable organization, it is a good start to make an adjustment.

Another way to make an adjustment is to obtain knowledge. Learn as much as you can. If you lack knowledge, it may be a challenge for some of us to adjust. For example, if you dedicate your life to God and you don’t study the bible, it will be a challenge for you to adjust living as a Christian.

Another way to make adjustment is to get sound advice and follow the advice. I endorse churches that counsels unmarried individuals before they get married.

Keep practicing until you can adjust. The more you practice, the more proficient you can become.

Have the right attitude. Stop complaining about everything and stop comparing about what you with your previous job to what you are doing now. Also stop comparing your country to the country that you migrated to. If you keep doing this, it will be a challenge for you to adjust.

Ask for help to make adjustments in your life. Some things you may not be able to do by yourself and it is ok to ask for help.


Many of us have been called to do something different from what you are doing now but it will require some of us to adjust. Are you willing to adjust to reach your destination? You don’t have to try and change your personality but rather you need to adjust the way you do things. You may think it is hard to adjust but don’t you remember when COVID 19 first emerge? We had to adjust, and we did it well. We adjust our way of working, our way of living and our way of education.

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