Make some sacrifices to get what you need

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Make some sacrifices to get what you need


All of us have needs but most of us are not in a position to acquire our needs given our current financial condition, our working hours, our educational background, our experience, our health status and our family time and condition. Therefore, sacrifices have to be made in order to get what you need. Some may argue that they are making so many sacrifices but have yet to reap any benefits. Trust me, the sacrifices you make today will result in success in the long term.

Financial condition

Some people are barely making it and some are not making it all. Even those that are making it will find themselves spending more and not achieving their desires. COVID 19 has taught us a big lesson that your income is not secured.

Therefore, whatever your financial condition, sacrifice some of those funds even if it is $1 dollar a day. I am quite sure many of us spend a $1 dollar a day on a drink while away from home. Sacrifice that and put that $1 in a bank.

Sacrifice that annual overseas vacation and brand name clothing, shoes and electronics so that your financial condition can be improved so you can meet your needs and not your wants.

Sacrifice “eating out” and replace it with eating home. Sacrifice that 2 bedroom apartment for a 1 bedroom apartment even if you have children. Let it work until you get what you need.

Working hours

If you want to make it ahead in life, working 9 to 5 is not the answer because your work is never done. You need to sacrifice some leisure and social time to get your work done in order to complete your tasks for the day. In fact, you should jumpstart some work for the next day. Some people are getting that promotion on the job because of their commitment and time put into the job. If you are entrepreneur or even a manager, you will know that your work is never done and it requires sacrificing a lot of time.

Educational background

Many of our parents did not have a solid educational background and so they made a lot of sacrifices so that we can acquire a good level of education. Embrace the educational opportunities provided to you. Do not spend all of your time in college having fun. Sacrifice that fun time and use that time to study so that you achieve your qualifications. Once you have achieve your qualifications, you have fun afterwards.

If you are already working, always strive to acquire more knowledge. It is the knowledge, experience and your attitude that will make you more marketable than others. Make the sacrifices to improve your educational background. You are never too young or too old.


I believe that individuals should spend adequate time with family. However, there will be many times when you have to sacrifice that time to get what you need. You must find a balance though. If you are entrepreneur, try taking your family with you to work so you can still spend time with them.

I know this is not the answer for some employees who are single parents and have to work two jobs in order to make it. This is a sacrifice that some employees will have to do but it should not be on a long term basis.

Our health

Some people have sacrificed their health in order to make it in life. However, in the end their health deteriorated and the things they were working for, they could not enjoy it in the end. Do not sacrifice your health. Yes many of us have sacrificed some sleep hours at night but do not deprive body of sleep. You need an adequate amount of sleep and also you must eat well to function properly.


The sacrifices you do now may seem unbearable. You may feel like you are all alone due to the sacrifices you have made. Set a realistic timeframe on what you want to achieve and make the necessary sacrifices to acquire what you want.  The sacrifices you make are recipes for success.

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