Make sure you understand the assignment.

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Make sure you understand the assignment.

Lack of understanding may result in failure.



I believe I shared this story before. I failed my first economics class in college. I did not understand the questions clearly. I answered all the questions but they were not related to the questions that the Professor asked and so I failed the exam. I met with the Professor a few days later and we reviewed the exam and quite frankly I knew the answers, but I just didn’t understand what exactly he wanted.

We all have assignments whether as a student, an employee, a parent, husband, wife, a child, an employee, a pastor, a politician or whatever role you are in.

Make sure you understand your assignment.    Of course, it is a two-way stream, the assignor should also be clear in the assignment so that the assignee understands what is expected.

I believe I have several assignments and one of my major assignments is writing. Therefore, when I write, I do my best to ensure that the Average Joe understands my writing.  I make it very simple, and I have sub captions, so the long writing does not become a deterrent.

Read multiple times

If you are given a task in writing to do, make sure you read the requirements line by line and do it repeatedly until you grasp it.

If you are given a task verbally, make sure the task is repeated and understood by you and the assignor.

Ask question

If you still do not understand what you are reading or what was told to you verbally, do not be afraid to ask questions. You may think that your question does not make sense but don’t pretend you understand something and waste time. You may think you are the only one who does not understand but you may be surprised to know that others are in the same shoe as you but are also afraid to ask. You can get a long way in life if you ask questions especially if you do not understand something.

Take a test

One way to ensure that you understand your assignment is to test yourself or have someone test you. I know some people do not like testing, but testing is a way to prove your understanding of the information.

Do not copy

Sometimes when we do not understand, we are tempted to copy from others. However, that is not the way. What if you copied the wrong thing, the both of you will be wrong. Furthermore, what if you must explain the information that you copied and you cannot explain it.

Do not change the narrative

Sometimes we think if we change the narrative and give a very good or intelligent response, we will pass the assignment. However, if your response is contrary to the assignment, you will still not pass.


I believe everybody has the potential to pass their assignment. If you understand what you are doing, then you can pass your assignment. The key is to find ways to comprehend your tasks which are listed above. Do not talk your way into and out of things. Do not act as if you understand and end up taking hours to complete a project when it could have been done in one hour.

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