Making a threat is an act of cowardice, fear, and bullying.

Fake dictionary entry with the word bullying being highlighted. Bully abuse harass torment

Making a threat is an act of cowardice, fear, and bullying.

Be bold and brave and face the judicial process.



Over the past week, two of our public officials, the Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General were threatened. There were also three bomb threats against the JAGS McCartney Airport on the island of Grand Turk and one bomb threat against the Howard Hamilton airport on the island of Providenciales.

There are a lot of speculations as to what these threats are in connection with. A lot of fingers are being pointed at the court cases involving the tourists found with ammunition. The truth is we do not know if these threats have anything to do with these cases. These threats can also be related to local cases and the ammunition cases can be a distraction.

We do not know the motive behind these threats or who is behind these threats but what we do know is that threats were made. A threat made against our attorney general and deputy attorney general is a threat against our judicial system. A threat made against our airports is a threat to destroy the front door or gateway to our livelihood. Furthermore, these threats are threats against all of us.

A threat against our judicial system

It is obvious that these threats are related to our judicial system given that the threats highlighted our Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General. These individuals have very important roles in our country when it comes to our judicial system, and they should not be threatened for their roles.

If your threats are successful against them (God forbid) or if they resigned from their positions but your court case is not successful, are you going to threaten their successors too. These threats are serious threats against our judicial system. If you didn’t do anything wrong, then why threaten someone.

A threat against out livelihood

TCI is a tourism-based economy and so if you threaten to bomb our airports, you are threatening the livelihood of our economy. Is this what you want? Do you really want a repeat of what the world went through during the pandemic. Why would you do this? Do you really care? You are not hurting one person; you are hurting the entire country. Is this what you want? Do you want to be responsible for negatively impacting an entire place?

Threatening someone is an act of cowardice.

Threatening someone or something is an act of cowardice. You are not brave. You are insecure. You want to hurt others while deep inside you are hurting. You want your issue to go away, but a threat will not do that, it may make the matter worse. You want to create fear among others.

If you have a problem with something, face the judicial system. If you are not happy with the outcome of the judicial system and you are innocent, then appeal the case. Even guilty people are appealing cases and sometimes win.

Threatening someone is a criminal offense.

Threatening someone is a criminal offense and should not be taken lightly. Whenever these perpetrators are found and they will be found, the judicial system needs to punish them with the maximum penalty.

It is so ironic that you are not pleased with your situation and so you think the solution is to threaten our public officials and airports.


Some people feel that they can change the outcome of a situation by making threats. While the perpetrators will create some fear among us, it will not change the outcome of your case. You are a coward, and you are afraid of something. Face the music. You did not have to be in the situation you are in if you had abided by the law.

Please do not bother with our public officials and our airports. This is a serious matter. This is not a game. If you think this is a game, you will not win.

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