Men, let us do our part in the control of birth.                 

Young man with doctor during medical procedure

Men, let us do our part in the control of birth.                 

Vasectomy is safe, effective and inexpensive.


Eleven years ago, my wife gave birth to twins, making it five children for our family. We felt five was enough and made a decision not to have any more children. Of course, there were many options. One of those options was the use of birth control bills.  Birth control pills however are not 100% effective and sometimes women forget to take the pill and so you may end up getting pregnant. According to some ladies, birth control pills made them put on weight and you know gaining weight is a very sensitive issue for some women. Some studies also suggest that taking birth control pills can lead to cancer.

Another option for women is tubal ligation in which women get their tubes tied but this is a surgical procedure and may cause bleeding or damage to your blood vessels.

However, birth controls are not just about women. A lot of men rely on women to do their part in birth control but men should do their part too. Men can use condoms which is also an effective way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However, some men and women do not like condoms and as result there are so many children being born in the world. Some people cannot afford to take care of all these children. Some people also do not want to have all these children and as a result some children are unwanted and unloved. In addition, there are so many men having children with multiple women and vice versa. There are also some children that do not know their biological fathers. Also, some women make a decision to have an abortion.

With all of this, I believe that we as men need to take more responsibility when it comes to birth control and one effective way to do is for men to have a vasectomy. The most effective way of course is absenteeism from sex, but I know most men will not abstain from sex. If you are a married man, you should not abstain from sex.


As a family, my wife and I explored the options listed above. Rather than my wife having to go through a surgical procedure to tie her tubes, we made the decision together and I got a vasectomy. The procedure was about 45 minutes or less and it cost about $600. There are rare cases in which a vasectomy does not work and normally it is due to an error during the surgery.

Vasectomy prevents the sperm from reaching the semen. Vasectomy is a very effective form of birth control, and it does not hinder or slow down your sexual drive.

There are very limited side effects. I remember the day I got the vasectomy, immediately thereafter, I went to an event that Cable & Wireless was hosting and no one knew I had just completed a surgery.  Unlike women though, the tubal ligation may require a few days in the hospital and can be painful experience for women.

I know there are so many sexually transmitted diseases, and you don’t know who is who these days but if you are sure of your partner’s status, then do a vasectomy especially if you are married and committed. If you are not sure, please get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.


I cannot tell anyone what to do but I do know that too many children are suffering in this world.  Some may argue and say that children are blessing and the Bible say to be fruitful and multiply. I agree that children are a blessing, but children need to be taken care of and have responsible parents. Yes the Bible say to be fruitful and multiply but it does not state you have to have all of these children like some men and women are doing.

I encourage all of us especially the men to be responsible. If you are not going to be a real father or you cannot take care of a child, then control your actions by ensuring that you do not allow children to come into this world by getting a vasectomy. The good news is that vasectomy is a reversible procedure so if you decide later in life, you want children, you can do so.

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