Men, Rise Up and Take Your Position.

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Men, Rise Up and Take Your Position.


Two years ago on November 19, I published my first book, Rise Up and Take Your Position. This year on November 19, the World celebrated and honoured International Men’s Day. Therefore, this article is geared towards men and is centered around the title of my book. Many men have fallen in their roles, and it is time for men to rise up and take their position.

Men, rise up and take your position as fathers.

Men if you are the father of child and you are not assuming the role as a father, it is time to rise up and become fathers. Too many men called themselves fathers, but they are just sperm donors.  As a father, you must be there for your children even if you and the mother of your children are not getting along. You must take care of your children. You must support your children financially, mentally, and spiritually. You must guide and train your children. You should be a role model to your children.  Women should not be raising children along. The men must play their part in raising their children especially boys. Some single moms are doing a great job in raising boys but the boys need the presence of their fathers in their lives. Men, stop bragging about how many children you have when you are not a father figure in their lives. Control yourself and stop having children if you are not going to take care of them.

Men, rise up and take your position as husbands.

Men rise up and take your position as husbands. You made a commitment to your wife and of course your wife made a commitment to you. Honour your commitment. No matter how tempting it may be, do not cheat on your wife. Would you want anyone to cheat on your daughter? Take care of your wife. Respect your wife. Listen to your wife. Love your wife. Be transparent with your wife. Help around with the household chores. Don’t think your wife has to do all the cooking or washing dishes and clothes. You should do it too. Whoever reaches home first should start with the household chores. Be there for your wife, whether in good times or bad times, in good health or sickness, in the young days of your marriage and in the old days of your marriage.

Men, rise up and take your position as leaders.

Men, rise up and take your position as leaders. Be a leader in your home even if your wife is making more money than you. Be a leader in your community. Volunteer your time to help in sports, church, and the schools. Don’t wait for someone to call you. Take the lead. Men, lead by example. We need more male teachers and influencers in the school. If you believe you were called to be a teacher, then pursue it. Don’t let anyone make you think that it is not a man’s job to be in the classroom. I know the pay may not be great but if that is what you want to do, then rise up and become a teacher.

Men, our young people are being snatched by gang leaders. Develop alternative programs and reach out to our young people and groom and mold them into becoming productive citizens.

We need more entrepreneurs. Men open a business and make sure you find some young people and offer training and internship.

Men, rise up as teachers of the gospel. I personally believe that the problems in our society can be resolved without spending a lot of money. It can be alleviated simply through the word of God, and we need men to rise and spread the gospel. Do not get caught up in the colour of Jesus Christ. Do not get caught up in who wrote the Bile. Getting caught up in the word of God and recognize it it the key to saving so world but it requires you to rise up.

Men, rise up and take your position as a real man.

Men, rise up and be a real man. A real man is not a man that has to have multiple women. A real man is a man that is committed to one woman. A real man is not a man that is lazy. A real man is a man that will work hard and do his best. A real man will provide for his family. A real man will seek help when he realizes that he cannot do it by himself. A real man will say he is sorry when he knows he is wrong. A real man should not be involved in gossiping. A real man will not abuse a woman. Finally, if you were born with male genitals, you are a real man and not a woman.


I am aware that there are a lot of women who are doing many roles that were the roles for men. There is nothing wrong with women doing that if they want to. However, men must rise up and assume their responsibilities as fathers, husbands, leaders and real men

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