One day you will be caught

Drug trafficker under arrest

One day you will be caught

You may be hiding now but not forever


There are so many people committing evil acts, and it looks like they are not getting caught for their actions. As a result, others are becoming frustrated, losing hope, and getting scared. For the past three weeks, I was feeling at peace about the crime situation because I thought things had improved given that there were no shootings and murders. Unfortunately, criminal activities are taking place again and no one has been arrested (as far as I know). These criminals think they will get away but one day they will get caught no matter how long it takes.

It is just a matter of time

I know it seems so unfair that people are getting away with lying, stealing, and killing. It is just a matter of time when the truth will come out and these individuals will get exposed and dealt with. You may be asking how long you should wait for justice to take place. I know this may not be comforting words for victims but please wait and see the downfall of these individuals for they will be caught.

You have individuals stealing from their family, friends, strangers, clients, and their workplace. Some of them enrich themselves living a lavish lifestyle. Others cannot show what they do with the money. It is wrong to steal but it is just a matter of time before they get caught. It is not worth it. How could you take other people things that they work so hard for? Your time will come for the truth always comes out.

You have people lying thinking they will not get caught. Some people can see right through the lies. Some of these liars do not even remember the lies and they end up lying to cover another lie and in so doing they are caught without realizing it. It is best to be honest because your lies will catch you up.

Now let us talk about killing. I cannot understand why people must kill others and think they will not get catch. You will get caught one day and nobody should feel sorry for you. It is wrong to take the life of someone. It is heartless. You may be running and hiding now but you cannot do that forever. Either the police will catch you or somebody else will catch you. Your day is coming for it is just a matter of time.


I feel so bad, and I am hurt about the things that are taking place in my beloved Turks and Caicos. It is not right what is happening, and I believe people know who are doing these things but remain tight lipped. I hope these people you are covering up for or hiding will not do the same thing to you that they are doing to others.

One thing I know, these criminals will get caught. They cannot replace the life or money they took from you but justice will take place.

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