Practice Good Manners.

Woman saying thank you to her dentist

Practice Good Manners.

It pays forward to a good and harmonious environment.



A tourist recently posted a review of her stay on one of the facebook posts and she talked about the rudeness of some of the staff in the hospitality industry. She also compared the demeanor of the people to that of other islands. While some of us may not like the review because it was negative, the truth is we need to do better when it comes to our manners. I have already written a few articles about this topic, but that post has triggered me to write about it again.

I know there are some people that practice good manners and I want to encourage you to continue even if there is no response from the other individual.

Practice Good Manners

Some of the good manners we can practice is to simply say good morning, good afternoon, or good night. Each time, you pass someone, you should do that. Not only when you pass someone but do it also when you are communicating with others through social media and other platforms. This was a wake-up call for me. I recalled when communicating with one of my tenants through facebook and he asked me why I don’t say good morning or good evening. I realized that I was not practicing good manners through social media. However, from that day onwards, I started practicing good manners on social media.

Another good manner to practice is to say thank you. Some people do not see the need to say thank you if you are paying for a service or product. They feel they paid for it so why say thank you.

Practice saying please. You can lead by example by saying please.

Listen carefully to others. As a host of two shows, I find it is critical to listen to others. This is a manner that we all should practice.

Another good manner to practice is not to interpret others while they are doing something. If you must interrupt, please say excuse me.

Practice good manners on everyone, not just the tourist, or the rich person or people of “status.”

The importance of practicing good manners

One of the benefits of practicing good manners is that it fosters a good and harmonious environment. It creates an opportunity of great interaction and fosters unity. It also shows respect for others. It is a great impression and is an incentive to encourage others to patronize your business. If you do not practice good manners, it can be detrimental to you personally, professionally and to your business. People observe how you behave and if you do not practice good manners, they will not want to deal with you or even hire you.


Some companies recruit people to train their staff to practice good manners. Sometimes the training works and sometimes it does not work. I think practicing good manners should be part of our everyday life. That is why parents must ensure their children practice good manners. This should also be taught in the schools.

Do not let social media, your financial condition, or the many choices you have cause you not to practice good manners.

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