Put on a New Attitude in 2019. It will Determine Your Altitude.

A new Attitude

Put on a New Attitude in 2019. It will Determine Your Altitude.


As we embark on a new year, I encourage all of us to have a new and better attitude which in turn will determine our altitude. We will get the same results if we do the same thing so let us try doing things differently in 2019 so we can get different results.

Be Positive

Let us Be Positive in 2019. There is nothing wrong with criticism but when you criticize, offer alternative solutions. To those folks that are being criticized, I know you are human, and you have feelings but examine the criticisms and see what messages are in them. Perhaps it will make you a better person.

Do not think the worst of others.  Do Not tear each other down. Uplift and Encourage One another no matter who they are or where they are from.

There is too much negativity in this world. It is time to change that as negativity behaviours result in negative results. Is that what you want?

Tell the Truth All Times

No one should have to lie. Always tell the truth. The fact is when you lie, sometimes you forget you lie and so you may have to lie to cover up another lie. Eventually, the truth will come out and when the truth comes out and people discover you have been lying to them, it is going to be very difficult to gain trust from people.

Own and Accept Responsibility

We make a lot of decisions and when our decisions backfired on us, we tend to blame others. However, when all goes well, we take the credit.

Be responsible for your actions. Admit Your Short Comings. You will gain a lot of respect from people.

Seek Sound Advice

If you find yourself stuck and cannot move ahead, seek advice from the relevant expertise. Do not look just within your circle, look outside your circle. Do not be afraid to ask for help.  There are people willing to assist or help you but you need to let them know you need help. If they volunteer to help you, do not reject them thinking they have an ulterior motive. While some may have an ulterior motive, accept the help just do not compromise yourself.

Help one Another

If you are in a position to help others, please do so and do not let politics or race deter you from helping others

Therefore, when someone needs a job or a contract, do not look at their political affiliation or the colour of their skin.  Look at the ability of the person to perform the job.

When you help others, the world does not have to know. Do it form the heart and not for praise.

Love One Another

It is time for us to stop pretending that we care and love for each other. Saying I love you is not enough. Show it in action. There are too many people who call themselves Christians but yet do not love others. T

Eat Healthy

I know you know that not everything that looks good is good for you. Ensure you know what you are eating otherwise you will become what you eat. If you do not know what to eat, talk to a dietitian or nutritionist. Too many people are sick because of their diet. Do not be apart of that stats.

Do not Worry, Be at Peace

In all the situations you encounter in 2019, Be at Peace for worrying will not solve anything but can you give you stress and headaches.

Be Your Self

Be Yourself. Do not try to be like someone else. You will be very unhappy. Pursue the thing that you want, not want others want for you, not what your parents want but what you want. You know deep within what you want.

Do not Steal

People have worked hard for a living. Do not steal other people things. As tempting as it may be, do not steal. You will get caught one day and it can interfere with your future goals. You may go to jail, you may lose your job and you may find it difficult to find another one.

Do not live above your means

As you approach the new year, I know many of us are perhaps struggling financially. Try not to get in any additional debts. Have a plan to pay off some of your debts this year starting with your smallest one. Have a plan to save something each month.

Try not to use any credit cards in 2019 unless a rewards credit card and you are using it as a cheque book and will pay the full amount of the charges at the end of the month.

Do Not Give Up – Have Faith

Whatever you are going through in 2019, do not give up.  Have faith and believe that the situations will be resolved. Keep Trying. If something does not work one way, try another way as there is more than one way to skin a cat.


I wish all of you a Happy New Year. Our actions will determine whether you will have a bad year or a good year. Yes, we may encounter some circumstances beyond our control but those circumstances should not dictate your outcome. It is your attitude that will determine your altitude.

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