Remembering your roots

Tree with giant roots in enchanted woods

Remembering your roots

Foundations for your life


I recently spent the day on the island of South Caicos, my birthplace when I attended the 54th anniversary celebration of my alma mater, Marjorie Basden High School (formerly Pierson High School). During my few hours there, I drove around and reflected on the first sixteen years of my life. Sometimes we are so preoccupied with this busy life, and we don’t take the time to reflect and be grateful from where we came to where we are today.  Sometimes we also act as if what we have today as if we always had it. However, we are where we are today based on the foundation of our early lives even if the foundation was not strong.

Going to church

One of the main foundations of our lives was going to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Sunday afternoon The thing is we never got tired of the church. We may have been just religious, but we learned a lot about God and as a result we grew up believing in God and doing the best we did to honour the word of God. We also learned about God in primary and secondaryschools.

For me, going to church in my early life has made me the person I am today. I cannot forget the goodness of God and so I do my best to live a life pleasing and acceptable to him. I am grateful for this foundation because I may have turned out to be someone else. Of course, there are some who received the same foundation but have strayed away. They act as if God does not exist. I challenge each of you to remember your biblical foundation as this is the best foundation to build your life on.

Family time

Even though my mom (like many moms) worked very late hours at the fishing plants, we had a lot of family time on Saturdays and Sundays. Every Sunday after dinner, we would purchase icecream and fruit cocktail and enjoy family time. We played dominoes and other games/ Family time was very important. Every day, I used to visit my grandmother and of course every time I visited, she would talk about God.

Today, many of us are not spending time with our family as we are so busy with our jobs, and we are like strangers to our families. We have also replaced family time with social media and other gadgets.

It is time we spend more time with our family as your family is not replaceable. Therefore, cherish and spend quality time with your family like it used to be. God wants us to have family as a priority in our lives and so let us remember our family.

Help one another

Growing up, we used to help one another so much. Today, we are very self-centered and don’t even care about not only our neighbours but also our family. It is time we go back to our roots where we start caring and helping one another. No man is an island and really and truly we need each other.

Make it stretch

We were very content with what we had. Whatever our parents provided us to eat, we had to eat it. Today, we are wasting so much food and not eating what was provided to us. We want pick, choose and refuse. The thing is we did not have many choices like now, but our parents survived and live long.

Our parents also were comfortable with the money we had, and we made it stretch. Today we have become so greedy, and we want more and more and as a result there is so much stealing and corruption. It is time we go back to our roots and be content.


I know this is different era especially with the advancement of technology, however, I believe if we were to remember where come from and try to incorporate some of the lessons from our past, we can have a better tomorrow.

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