Rise up and be agents of change

Agents of change

Rise up and be agents of change

Challenge and change the status quo


Too many of us are too quiet and passive, too many of us are waiting on foreign investors and outsiders and too many of us are depending on the parliamentarians to be that change and when the changes do not take place that we wanted or expected, we simply vote the politicians out and select the opposition and still there is no change. We must be agents of change and we do not necessarily have to go into politics to be the agents of change.

A year ago, I wrote my first book, a short film and a song entitled, Rise Up and Take Your Position which was to encourage individuals to stand up and pursue their passion and gift.  Each of us has a role to play in society and until we recognize that, a change will not take place.

We continue to accept the status quo and reward mediocrity. We do not want to take the risks to challenge the status quo. Some of us are so polarized politically, we see things happening in our country but don’t say anything because we do not want to offend our political party that is in power. Some of us are also burdened down with so much fear. We want to do something, but we are just afraid. It is time for us to rise up and become agents of change.

Find Your purpose and role

Some of you may feel that you do not have anything to offer but everybody has a critical role to play in society. Find your purpose and do your best to carry it out even if you are alone in doing it. The fact is, if you can make a difference even in only one person’s life, it is better than not doing anything at all. Too many of us are sitting up and complaining about all the issues in the world but we are not doing anything about it. Rise up and do something with your talents.

Challenge the status quo

You do not have to accept things the way they are especially if it does not make sense. Challenge it and offer alternatives and do not stop until a change takes place. You have the power to make a change, but we give up too fast. For example, many people like to call for a demonstration but the demonstration only last for a day or a few hours. Demonstrate continuously until you get the change you want.  Stop agreeing to everything your party says even though you know you do not support it. Be that person to challenge it.

Speak up

You may think speaking up does not make a difference, but it does. It is time more of us need to speak up and stop hiding. Why are we so quiet on national issues? Is it because your party is in power? Is it because you do not want to offend anyone?  When you speak up, just make sure that your information is factual otherwise you may lose your credibility. A few years ago, I started to speak up through writing articles and hosting shows. Based on the feedback I am receiving; I believe I am agent for change and so can you if you only you are bold enough to rise up and speak up. People may not commend you publicly but they are listening and changing their way of living simply because some people are speaking up.

Share your knowledge

Some of you have a wealth of information but you are keeping it to yourself. You can make a difference in the lives of others by simply sharing your knowledge with others. You can do this in video or written format.  Do not be selfish. Do not keep everything to yourself. By sharing your knowledge, you can be helping so many people to improve their lives.

Offer and implement solutions

You can be an agent of change by offering and implementing solutions. You do not have to wait until your party is in power to offer solutions. You do not have to wait until you become the CEO to offer solutions. Whatever position you are in, and you have solutions for the issues in your community or organization, share them. In fact, lead by example by implementing the solutions if you can do so. Start with what you have. Stop waiting on others to come here and implement the solutions when you can do it yourself.

Tell your story

Last year, I shared part of my story in my book, short film and a song. Many people suffered from the same thing you suffered from and sometimes they feel they are the only ones suffering but when you tell your story, you can help other people to overcome their issues.

Get in the right position

If you feel that you are not in the right position to make a change, then get in right position. Stop being afraid to apply for the top position. Stop saying you don’t want that responsibility. If you want to see changes, then maybe you need to get in that position where you can make the changes.

Get engaged and get involved in the community

Our community needs help and you do not have to do everything for money or fame. Do something for your community. Volunteer and help the young and the old in the community. Guide them, lead them, and teach them. Don’t just point out the issues, do something to fix the issues.


Many people may have a resistance to change but if you know your purpose, stay focused and be that agent of change. If you don’t become an agent of change, then others will, and they may make changes contrary to your beliefs and values. Therefore, it is important to rise up and become agents of change.

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