Rise Up and Stand Your Ground

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Rise Up and Stand Your Ground

Do not be intimidated by anyone or anything


Some of you may have taken a position on certain matters or issues but sometimes you feel intimidated especially if most people do not agree with your position. I encourage you to stand your ground especially if your ground is based on the word of God. The word of God never changes and so it is the best guide to live by. Despite the pressure from the right and left, rise up and stand your ground.

Rise Up and Stand Your Ground

One of my favourite books in the bible is the book of Daniel. Daniel stood his ground and refused to eat the food that was provided to him. He also refused to bow down and worship the Gold Statue which King Nebuchadnezzar had set up.

How many of us are willing to be like Daniel? Too many of us are quiet and don’t want people to know our position. In fact, depending on who we talk to or where we are, we have different positons on the same issue and so we are like “wishy washy.”

You do not have to be afraid of the position you took. Other people are taking their position and sticking to it so why don’t you rise up and stand your Ground.

You see because Daniel stood his ground, he was not only respected in a foreign land but he was promoted and that is because he relied on God. If you relied on God, you would not go wrong despite the fact that you may endure trials and tribulations.

Do not be intimidated

There is a lot of confusion in the world. The things we thought were wrong, people are now saying they are normal and right and that is because people are being influence by others who somehow have change their positions. Almost everybody now has an opinion on different issues and sometimes the opinions sound so intelligent, it may make you feel intimidated. You see that is the plan of the enemy. The enemy wants to confuse you and then convince you to change your position.

Don’t ever become intimidated when you know the word of God is your source for the positions that you took in life. Don’t change your position because Gods word does not change. Wherever, you go and wherever you are, do the things according to God’s word.

If you find yourself being intimidated by people and things, study the word of God constantly so that you can equipped yourself. You should be the one to influence others rather than others try to influence you on their theories.


No matter how things look or how they appear from others, if you believe in the Lord, then always stand your ground. Be that voice to make a difference even if you feel like you are alone. You do not need to be fighting back and forth with individuals. State your position, live according to your position and never compromise your position.

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