Rise up but take your time

Slow down and stop word dice

Rise up but take your time

Rome was not built in a day


I think one of the most exciting moments in a person’s life is when a person discovers their purpose in life. Consequently, that person rises up and wants to work non-stop. While I encourage individuals to rise up and take their position, please do not be too rushy.  Take your time one day at a time and you will still reach your destination. You see if you rush, you may overlook so many important steps and you may also compromise your health as your body needs rest.

On August 18, 2018, I wrote an article on Rest based on an experience I encountered. I was so weak that day, my vision was blurred, I vomited and I fainted. I thought it was a wake-up call then and I promised myself, I would rest more often and I still didn’t.  Well, last week Wednesday on March 9th, I had a similar encounter where I was rushed to the hospital. It was a scary time for me and my family. The doctors and nurses advised me I need to take some rest as there is only so much your body can take.

I don’t know how many more wake up calls I need, but I think I have  finally accepted the fact that I need to take my time and so I want to use this article to encourage myself and you to take your time as you strive to achieve your purpose in this world.

Take your time – Be anxious for nothing

Rome is known for its great architect but it took 400 years to complete. I am not saying that what you are doing will have to take many years but what I am saying is that we should take our time. Some projects will take longer than others but there is no need to rush. When you rush, you may impair the quality, you may also be forced to borrow a lot of money because you want to quickly accomplished what you set up to do. You see when you take your time, you may discover as you work on your plans, you may want to alter it but if you rush and complete it, then you may have to leave it as it is or spent money to change it.

Some people are also anxious about relationships. They rushed and getting married and then later realized they made a mistake. Take our time and don’t be anxious about anything.

Take your time – Be patient

Sometimes we may discover our passion so late in life that you may be tempted to do things quickly because you feel like you wasted so much time. However, even if you are much matured in age, you still don’t need to rush. Learn to be patient. By being patient, you may save yourself from a lot of grief and harm.

Take your time – Get some rest

Everybody needs rest. God has demonstrated that to us for he rested on the seventh day. However, many of us including myself are preoccupied all day and night without getting any rest. When you don’t get any rest, you can compromised your health. When your health deteriorates, it interferes and delays what you were called to do. However, you can avoid risking your health by getting some rest. You don’t need to be working all day and night.


Everything takes time and the good news is when you take your time, you are able to think better and clearer. I am not suggesting that you procrastinate, all I am saying is you should take one day at a time and take it easy.

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