Set and maintain high standards for your life

Always set your goals high

Set and maintain high standards for your life

Don’t settle for mediocrity


Many of us do not know our worth and so we end settling for mediocrity. On the other hand, some of us know our worth but somehow settle for less. I want you to know, no matter who you are, you are significant. As a human being, you are so valuable to this world and no amount of money can replace your life if you lose it.

Therefore, I want to encourage you to set and maintain high standards for your life. Setting and maintaining high standards do not mean that you think of yourself highly than you ought to but it simple means you value the importance of your life and because you are important, then you should set and maintain high standards for your life.

Set and maintain high standards for your life

I believe that everybody deserves the best but one of reasons we do not get the best is because we do not demand the best and we do not put forward our best efforts. If other people are setting high standards for their lives, then why should not do the same. After all, nobody is better than you.

Set high standards for your job. Some organizations have already established high standards, but we still perform below the standards. Why? Are you not enjoying what you do? Is this why you are performing up to standard? If the latter reason is the case, then you need to find something that you enjoy and set high standards for your career path. Maxime your potential to exceed the established standards. Don’t focused on what is being done on a normal basis because maintaining high standards will require you to go beyond the normal. You should be the one to raise the bar.

Set high standards for yourself. The best standard of course to follow is the word of God. If you follow the word of God, you know where you stand, and people will know where you stand.

Set high standards for your health. This requires consistency, a lot of work and eating the right kinds of food. Stop compromising your health by settling for less.

Set high standards for your finances. There is nothing wrong with setting high goals to be in a better financial position. If you don’t set high standards for your finances, you may not achieve high standards. You will continue to spend all the money you make. Make the sacrifices, upgrade your skills and increase your knowledge so you can be a step closer to achieving your standards.

Do not settle for mediocrity

If you set high standards, then you should aim for the best. Too many of us have settle for mediocrity and have accepted anything just to get what we think we deserve when in fact you deserve so much more. Every day, we encounter mediocrity, and we remain quiet. We don’t say anything about it and so we have allowed mediocrity to become the normal way of business. Speak up and demand the best quality of life. Some people may dislike you because you did not settle for mediocrity. Don’t be bother by what people think or say about you especially when you refuse to settle for mediocrity.


Know your worth and know your rights. Why are you settling for any job when you are worth more? Why are you settling for any relationship when you deserve someone better? Why are you accepting these explanations from others when you know the law says otherwise?

I end where I start. Set and maintain high standards for your life. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

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