Set personal goals and keep them to yourself.

Set personal goals and keep them to yourself.


Last week, I wrote an article entitled “Make a fresh start.”  In that article, I mentioned that one of the things we should embark on, is to set at least one goal at a time and complete it. Businesses, non-profit organization and Governments have goals that must be shared with the relevant stakeholders so they can work together to achieve the goals. This article, however, is about your personal goals. Keep your personal goals to yourself.

Setting personal goals

I know sometimes you feel like you not progressing in life. You feel like you are going backward instead of forward. Perhaps one of the reasons why you are feeling this way is because you have not set any personal goals for your life. Well no matter your age or stage in your life, it is not too late. As long as you are alive, don’t stop pursuing your goals.

One of the first things you need to do is establish what it is that you want in life. More than likely the things that you enjoy very much and are passionate about are what you need to focus on. After a self-assessment, document what you want to do on a short term basis, mid-term basis and long term basis. If you are unsure how to achieve these goals, do some research in the area that you want and use that data as a means to document a plan to achieve your goals. Once you do that, assign time frames and each day you get up, review your plan and focused on achieving the goals. Don’t just stare at the document you wrote, work your plan to achieve it. Always make sure the goals are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and timely. In addition, ensure that your goals cover your personal development, your family, your spiritual state, your career or business and involvement in the community.

You see if you do not set your goals, you may get lost and fall for anything. The goals will be your guide and steps to fulfil your passions and to allow you to become a better you.

Keep your goals to yourself

I think it is best to keep your goals to yourself. Your aim should be to achieve your goals and then you can share them. Do not share your goals if you have not completed them as yet. You will find that some of the people you share your goals will become jealous and have some sort of animosity towards to you. They will pretend they are happy for you but they themselves will either intentionally or unintentionally try to block, discourage you or delay you. They may also try to do the same thing you are doing and if they have they have more resources than you, they may very well complete those same goals (passing as their own) before you yourself complete them.  If they do, you may become discouraged and not continue with your plans.

Sometimes the goal you have may be so unique that no one else even though about it but the moment you share it, then soon everyone will want to do the same thing and the market becomes very competitive. If you are able to launch your goal far in advance of others, you will have a competitive edge and will be well established before others enter the market.


I know some may disagree with me that we should not share our goals. Some may say sharing goals with others should be promoted because it can be a source of motivation and accountability. If you plan to share your personal goals with someone, make sure that person is someone that you know really well and is trustworthy. Unfortunately, though, you can still be betrayed by your best friend or family member. Therefore, I am convinced that you should not share your goals with others especially if they are in an infant stage.  

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