Should Christians and Pastors be involved in politics?

Should Christians and Pastors be involved in politics?


Politics seem to be an area that gets the attention of most people. In fact some of us spend more time talking about politics than anything else. The talks have even reach some of the pulpits. We have put politics above our relationship with God. We think that the politics and politicians will save our country. However, if we were to examine what has been happening in our country for the past forty four years, politics has divided and destroyed us. Therefore the question is should Christians and Pastors be involved in politics?


Politics should be about making lives better for the residents of the country no matter your background or political affiliation. It should not be about enriching oneself and as a result greed and corruptness take over.

I believe if you are a true Christian you should do what is right. You will treat people equally and not exclude or include one group over another even if they did or did not vote for you. You will be strong enough not to compromise your faith for power and money. I believe if you are a true Christian you will be honest and therefore tell people the truth. You would not say one thing publicly about one issue and then say something differently privately about the same issue. If you are a true Christian, you will fear God and don’t do anything contrary to the word of God.

Therefore, with the aforementioned, I think Christians should be involved in politics. Of course some Christians fall as we are faced with temptations daily but it is important for Christians to surround themselves with other Christians and stay in the word of God so that you can be strong.


Even though I say Christians should be in politics, I do not think Pastors should be involved in politics. Personally I wish the political system was different but in many countries there is two party system. If a pastor chooses to enter politics he or she will more than likely align with a political party thus creating division in the church. I believe in any church, members will have different political views. We should avoid as much division as possible in the church and one way to do so is for Pastors to refrain from entering politics or endorsing any politician. Even if a pastor decides to run independently it will create division. If a pastor wants to pursue politics, I think that Pastor should step down from the church. I don’t think anyone should be a pastor and a politician simultaneously.

Pastors have to be very careful when it comes to being in the political arena. There are some pastors used their blogs and pulpits to campaign. When their party is not in power they used every means to discredit the government and when their party is in power they closed a blind eye when things are done contrary. It is very obvious who they support.

Pastors need to focus on spreading the word of God and building up their members to ensure they are grounded in the word of God. Of course if there are issues that the Government is doing or not doing, they should speak out about it and be consistent.

In the USA, I have seen pastors who have compromised their faith by joining a political party whose views are totally different from that of God. These pastors are justifying why they support same sex marriage and why they support abortion. There are even pastors who are using the race card on their platform. I see some pastors have used their pulpits to attack President Trump but these same pastors remain quiet when President Obama passed legislations that were contrary to the word of God.

In the Turks and Caicos Islands, some pastors have also compromised their positon. They have allowed their relationship with God to be subordinate to their love for power and politics. 


Obviously somebody has to run the country. However, we need people that are not only experienced and get things done but we need people that are honest, have strong moral principles and will treat people equally. This fits the description of a Christian. Unfortunately some of the people who called themselves Christians, say the right things out of their mouths but their actions are from it. We need real Christians in politics.

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