Some adults need to have a childlike attitude.

Carefree diverse superhero children running along meadow

Some adults need to have a childlike attitude.

Love, respect and get along with others.


I know this is not the case in all situations but one thing I observed is that many children interact with other children in such a loving and respectful way despite the colour of their skins or their nationality. They hang out with one another, they get along with one another and they don’t see others as black and white, or as foreigners and locals or republicans and democrats or PNP or PDM.

Somehow, when some of these children reach adolescence stage, their behaviours are different and perhaps it is because they have been programmed by other adults and society to not only look and treat others differently but to associate only with your kind.

Human beings go through a life cycle from infancy to adulthood so they will not remain at the same stage forever. However, some adults really need to act like some children in terms of their attitudes towards others.

Have a child-like attitude.

Many adults do not see other people as people. The attitudes of some people are very biased. Some of us see and treat people based on their family background, political affiliation, nationality, race, and economic status. As a result, some white people will not associate with some black people and some black people will not associate with some white people. Some people have been programmed that some whites are better than blacks. Also, in the black community we have been programmed that some light skinned blacks are better than dark skinned blacks. Many children see other children as children and not black and white and that is the attitude that all adults should have.

Some adults are not getting along with other adults because of their association with a political party. They see you as a republican or a democrat, or as a PDM or PNP.  Children do not act that way because they see you as people. In fact, many children do not care about politics until their parents programmed them into thinking politically.

Some adults are very unforgiving and hold grudges against others for a long time. While some children do fight, they tend to love others, forgive others, and move on faster than some adults.

Some adults worry so much, especially about tomorrow while some children do not worry. Some may say children don’t have anything to worry about because their parents are taking care of them.  Adults shouldn’t be worrying either. Trust God, he will supply your needs. Worrying will not resolve anything so act like a child and live in the moment.

Some children also have a lot of faith. They believe they will get what they ask their parents for. They also believe their parents will not abandon and will be there for them. Adults need to have the same approach. Have faith like a child.

Conclusion As you read this article, reflect on your behaviour. Are you biased or prejudiced towards others? If you are, try to have a child-like mentality. This is not about being childish or playful but to see people as people. After all, in the eyes of God, we are all one. Do you know how great the world will be if some of us adopt a child-like attitude?

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