Some Business Ideas in the aftermath of COVID 19. Rise Up and work that mind and hands.

Sharing business ideas

Some Business Ideas in the aftermath of COVID 19. Rise Up and work that mind and hands.


As a result of the impact of COVID 19, many of us are fretting about the future having no idea what to do. Therefore, I want to share some ideas with you. Of course there are many other ideas that are not covered in this article. Before you proceed with any of these ideas, ensure that you do your research, enroll in some online classes and whatever you do, let it be something that you are passionate about.

Gardening Consultant

Many people now have their own backyard gardens but may not have the time to maintain it or even add new plants to it. Some people may have time but still need help in knowing what to do. This is an opportunity to be a consultant or a maintenance person to maintain other people gardens.

Plant Nursery

Some people may not want to have their own garden. This is an opportunity for others to develop plant nurseries throughout the Turks and Caicos. This can become a business and so you can sell plants, fruits and vegetables to the public.

Poultry farm

Except for the vegetarians, everyone else has at least one meat as part of their diet. In the Turks and Caicos, all of our meat is imported and it is duty free. This is a great opportunity for us to develop poultry farms to service the needs of the people in the country. In order for this to be successful, I am recommending that Government increased the duty on meat so that it will be feasible for locals to compete effectively.

Outsourcing – Public and Private Sector

Some of your jobs may have been displaced. Offer yourself as an outsourcer for any company not just in your country but anywhere in the world.

I think this is also a great opportunity for the Government to outsource some of their work to individuals as there is a constant complaint about backlogs and projects not getting done on time. Perhaps this is a great opportunity for Government to assist residents with employment opportunities.

Grocery Store

One of the basic needs is food and a grocery store supplies the food. Perhaps some of us can collaborate and establish some grocery stores throughout the Turks and Caicos.

Delivery of Groceries

Grocery stores can partner with delivery companies and offer delivery of groceries to persons. Even if the grocery stores do not offer this, persons can set up delivery companies to pick up and deliver groceries to their clients.


Many stores continue to import seafood and many restaurants continue to offer imported sea food on their menu. I am not sure of the reason for his. Perhaps let this be an opportunity to pursue and encourage the Govt. to increase duty on imported seafood and allow others to provide seafood to supply the local market.

Transportation services

Some car rental companies will be impacted by this virus. Use some of your fleet and offer a well-developed transportation service so we can get rid of these illegal jitneys on the streets.

Some of you may have to sell your vehicle due to your financial condition. Don’t be embarrassed about using transportation to get back and forth to work and the store. You will find some people offering private services for pick up.

Offshore finance

I know there is a push to expand the offshore finance. I believe this should be continue and a lot of money need to be invested in marketing. BVI is a prime example of success and will not be significantly impacted like TCI as BVI main contributor to its GDP is offshore finance representing more than 50 % of the Government revenues.

Strategic center of excellence

Given our strategic location next to the Florida, we can promote the Turks and Caicos as a place whereby international companies can set up their locations here as centers of excellence. However, we have to eliminate the red tape and bureaucracy in doing business in Turks and Caicos.

Consultancy services

Now is the time where individuals and companies will need consultancy services. If you feel you have something to offer, then pursue it. Make sure advise individuals and companies up front your fees and that consultancy is not free. It is your time.

Entertainment Services

There is very little entertainment services and this is something a group of us can consider coming together to pursue. Building a game room, a bowling alley, a movie theater.Locate it in a nice area where it is appealing to all residents.


With the advancement of technology there are countless opportunities and one area you can focused on is coding. Thanks to Jay Saddler for introducing this to me. The good news is that you can provide services to individuals globally while living locally. For more information on coding, check out and

You may not have a background in computer science or technology but you can teach yourself computer programming and take advantage of the millions of jobs that are available in this field. There are opportunities with coding background as a front end developer, web developer, word press developer, and digital marketer

Delivery and Pickup of homemade products.

Many of you have been cooking, baking and trying all sorts of things at home while being lockdown. Why don’t you make this a business and provide delivery and pick up of your homemade products? Once things return to normal, some people will still not have time to cook home so here is an opportunity.


We should promote and encourage people to retire in Turks and Caicos. However, they cannot work or own business in TCI. They can live and come at their own leisure.  This is a great opportunity to spin of the construction industry due to building of homes and condos.

Virtual Services

During the lockdown, families and friends were able to connect virtually. This is a great opportunity for musicians, photographers and videographers to provide services virtually for a price. It would be great if you have access to a data base and market your services beyond TCI.  Even if you don’t have a database, promote yourself internationally. Tourists that want to come can still be here virtually.


I know many of us do not see or appreciate the value of marketing. Now is the time to market your ideas and utilize a marketing company to assist.


There are many classes available online free of charge. Embrace the opportunity and acquire the knowledge so that you can rise up and become what you were destined to be. I know one of the challenges we will have is access to financing to start some of these business ideas. I personally believe if you can develop an excellent business plan on your project, your project will be accepted for financing. If not, then a group of us need to pool our resources together and transform the business sectors in TCI.

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