Some requirements for our politicians. It is time to vote differently.

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Some requirements for our politicians. It is time to vote differently.


The majority of us perhaps vote for individuals based on the affiliation with party and therefore no matter who the party endorses to run, that individual will win. Most times, we know they are not the right persons but we still vote for them because they represent the party of our choice.

As we prepare for elections in 2020/21, let us vote differently by voting for the best individual no matter their political persuasion.

This article will summarize some of the requirements for our politicians in the upcoming general election and beyond.

Authentic Christians

We need candidates that are authentic Christians. Unfortunately, some of our politicians pretend they are Christians by quoting scriptures and claiming to be Christians publicly. However, privately, they live a life contrary to an authentic Christian.

Fear God

We need candidates that fear God (There are some non-Christians that fear God). If they fear God, hopefully they will do what is right.


We need candidates with experience in leadership, management, negotiation, representation and getting things done.  Experience matters whether it is a failed experience or a successful experience.  


We need candidates that have a vision. Without vision, the people will perish. Too many of our candidates are just talking, giving fancy speeches and taking credit for a booming economy they had no control over.


We need candidates that will take responsibility and stop blaming others for their shortcomings. They blame the British, the constitution, the permanent secretaries and the deputy governor but they do not blame themselves.


We need candidates that are honest. Always tell the people the truth even if it hurts them. Do not try to cover up things or mislead the public when you know the truth. Many times, some candidates have a habit of telling people what they want to hear rather than telling people the truth.


We need men and women of integrity that will not compromise themselves, their family, our country and their moral values due to greed, money, sex and fame. 

Look beyond political persuasion

We need candidates that will look beyond party affiliations and whose priority is the country. The decisions and policies made should not be for or against particular individuals but for the best interest of the country. We need candidates that will identify individuals for advice no matter their political party. We need candidates that will encourage and accept the outcome of the selection of individuals for a job or contract no matter who the individual is. We need candidates that will promote unity.


We need candidates that will represent us. After all, they were elected by the people and for the people. If you cannot stand and represent us, then why vote for you. I am not talking about going to the House of Assembly and making loud noises for that is not representation. I am not talking about going on social media and stating the obvious issues without lobbying for change or providing solutions.


We need candidates that are passionate about this country. If you are truly passionate, then you will be proactive and take the initiative to get things done. You will not remain silent.


We need candidates that are patriotic to this country.  Stop saying you love TCI but continue to boast and brag about your birth place and calling yourself and your children anything but Turks and Caicos Islanders.

A good track record

We need candidates with a great history and proven track record. Some of these candidates have been your MPs already but yet they want you to vote for them again. Examine their contribution to your constituency and your country. If they did not do anything before, what makes you think they will do something this time.

Team players

We need candidates that are team players. Too many of our candidates are focusing on themselves and destroying the characters of their colleagues. If they do it to their colleagues, what do you think they will do to you?

Effective communication

We need candidates that will communicate effectively with the residents. Interestingly, some candidates communicate effectively during the campaign season or while in opposition.


While I admire persons who are bold enough to put their names forward on the ballot, it just cannot be business as usual anymore. It cannot be how someone talks or the personality of someone. We are in critical times and we need radical competent candidates that can bring out real changes.

There are some current candidates and other potential individuals on both sides of the camp that possess some of the requirements above but we need to look beyond the political affiliation as you may just be excluding individuals who can impact and transform this country.

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