Some tips for the New Year Start the year off right with a change in your mindset

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Some tips for the New Year Start the year off right with a change in your mindset

We have just a few days remaining in 2021 and I know many of us have already set goals or resolutions for 2022. Some of you may have not set any goals as yet and it is okay if you have not done as yet. Perhaps it is because you set goals from previous years and they remained the same. Whatever your plans are for 2022 and beyond, here are some tips.
Overcome fear
Fear is one of the greatest obstacles in your way. No matter how many goals and plans you have, if you are afraid, your plans will be delayed or not even started. It is time to overcome fear so that you can pursue and achieve your purpose successfully. You can overcome fear by simply recognizing it does not make sense being afraid. Stop fearing the unknown. Stop fearing rejection. Stop fearing what people think about you. Stop fearing criticism. If you can overcome these fears, you can achieve a lot.
Overcome jealousy
Mel Robbins stated that “Jealousy is that seed that tries to reach the light but is blocked by insecurity, anxiety and fear. If you can remove that, you can have the life you want.” Jealousy is a spirit and it can cause you to lose your focus. You may be so preoccupied with other people and their accomplishments that you may not even pursue your plans. Overcome jealousy by being happy for others and recognize that there is a season for everyone.

Overcome comparing yourself to others
Everybody is unique and has talent and abilities. Therefore, don’t spend your energy comparing yourself to others. If you do, this can lead to jealousy. Accept the gifts that you have and cultivate them. There is no need to compare yourself to others. What are you achieving by doing this? Absolutely nothing positive.

Overcome procrastination
You may have little resources to start your plan. Just start with the little you have. Stop procrastinating. The more you procrastinate, the further away you are from achieving your goals.

Do not give up
Whatever it is you are going through in life whether it is health issue, relationship issue, a career issue do not give up. No matter how things look, keep the faith and believe that things will get better. Always be positive. Think positively.

Do to others as you want others to do to you.
As you approach 2022, love, encourage and support other people. You see when you love and support others, others will also support you. You may wondering why you are not getting any support, just maybe it is because you are not supporting anyone else. The golden rule is do unto others as you wish them to do to you.

You have all the goals and dreams in the word but if you don’t have the right mindset, it will be a challenge achieving your goals. The aforementioned points are simple but yet complex but if we put them into action, everyone will be able to fulfill their purpose and in turn the world will be a better place.

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